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With the advent of technology, owning a laptop is not a luxury anymore but a necessity. Most of us own a laptop at home for our daily chores. Also, gone are the days when a laptop or personal computer had to be changed every few years in fear of becoming obsolete.

Nowadays, the software and operating systems installed on the laptops come with the up gradation feature that enables us to upgrade them year after year. So, that means if we take good care of our laptop, it would last us longer.

Here are 7 simple ways to extend the longevity of your laptop and ensure it does not crash.

Clean It Regularly

Apart from basic hygiene, it is also important to cleanse your laptop on a regular basis to ensure it lasts longer. No matter where you work, your laptop will certainly attract grime and dirt. Unless we clean it regularly, all the dirt starts to accumulate on the laptop and starts to settle inside the hardware suffocating the same. With dirt accumulation it starts to put stress on the various components of the laptop, reducing its performance by a few notches. Ideally, clean it once in 3 months to ensure no major trouble.

Let Your Laptop Stay Cool

With regular and constant use our laptops tend to get heated up. It is important that we let it stay cool while in use.  The best way to handle this is to let it ventilate properly. The best way to do so is by keeping it in a place that is clear and not stuffy. Also, use it in an open space and not an enclosed area where the laptop can get heated easily.


Check On Drives

System errors, bad sectors, and sudden shutdowns can lead to corrupting hard drives. This is the main issue behind your laptop crashing. Also, viruses cab damage files and disable systems. Ensure that you have proper and adequate checks in place to protect your laptop from these viruses.

Hard Drive Defragmented

When you save data on your hard drive it is saved by fragmenting or spreading out across the drive. This is why we say that saving excessive data on hard drive slows down its performance. On a regular basis defragment the hard drive to ensure that it performs to its fullest capacity. Modern versions already have defragmentation feature installed in them. You only need to run the same.

Protect Against Power Fluctuations

Just like all other appliances, laptops also need to be protected from being damaged due to power fluctuations. Voltage fluctuations or frequent power cuts can put stress on your laptop and damage it. Ensure, that you plug them in safe equipment’s that will safeguard them.

Software Protection

Just like hard drives, even software’s on a laptop needs to be protected against any kind of virus or malware. Ensure you have malware detection system in place to safeguard your information and data on laptops.

Do Not Overcharge Your Laptop

Many times, we make the mistake of keeping the laptop charging forever. This is fatal for the laptop battery as it starts killing the lithium ions present in the battery and starts to weaken the same. Hence, once the battery is charged 100 % immediately take it off from charge to increase its longevity.

These are the 7 simple ways that you can increase the longevity of your laptop.

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  1. Udit Khanna says:

    Hi DigiKarma
    Thanks, For sharing these Article.this helpfull tips For are giving great tips definitely help for Many peoples.Thanks for sharing good work
    Keep up good work

  2. Don’t stress your laptop battery, always maintain 65–70% range. Do not use it for long period with adapter when it’s fully charged.
    Very informative article thanks for sharing.

  3. Nootan Kumar says:

    Well explained and practical, I would add an extra line, never open your laptop with your feet. It looks funny, but many people do it, especially when they are watching movies in comfort mode, this poor behavior has cost me with the hinge replacement. By the way, it’s a lot of valuable information, thanks for sharing.

  4. I laptop gets heated too fast. Also, I have a habit of overcharging as I forget to unplug my charger. What should I do?

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  18. Zoe Campos says:

    Thanks for helping me understand how ventilation is important when it comes to taking care of our laptop. We were told yesterday that we’ll only have online classes for the rest of the semester. I’ll take note of your tips and hope that I’ll be able to do them all once I buy a used laptop.

  19. Lap Gadgetgs says:

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  20. Muhammad Ali says:

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  22. Interesting insights! Another way to extend the longevity of a laptop is to upgrade its parts or accessories. Nowadays, when you purchase a laptop, you are being given options of upgrading its parts like additional RAM and storage capacity. It’s important that we consider those prior to making a purchase.

  23. Freja Meza says:

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