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We all want to look beautiful. However, thanks to our hectic schedule, most of us fall short of time and end up looking like a haggard in our day to day life. Keeping the “chock a block” busy schedule in mind, here are some hacks that one should know to keep you looking your best while on the go.


So, here are the 8 beauty hacks for a super busy girl

Versatile lip brush

If we run through our purse, chances are we will come across more than one lip brush. It is the time that we think of putting them to good use. Apart from using it normally to draw the outer lip line, you can also use it instead of a mascara brush on our lower eyelashes. Yes, it is a great trick for all those who have shaky hands and make a mess while applying mascara.

Lighter eye liner

We all know, that the best way to define eyes and make them pop out is by applying eyeliner to outline and highlight the water line. The best way to ensure that your eyes look bigger and fuller is to use a lighter shade of eyeliner on your lower eyelid.


Ditch the Lipstick

Have you come across instances, when in a hurry, you have forgotten to pack your favorite lipstick in your make up bag? What do you do if you are only stuck with a lip liner? Again, do not fret dab some vaseline on your lips and rub the lip pencil over it to add instant color. Within seconds your lips will sport your desired color.

Say, hello to dry shampoo

I really think that dry shampoo was invented for women who are always on the go. For all those, who forget to wash their hair before a big event this is a life saver. Just dab some dry shampoo on your hair and brush it to sport bouncy fresh looking hair within minutes.

Lipsticks to blush

A lipstick is a versatile makeup tool. If you are in a hurry or cannot find your desired shade of blush, then just dab a few dots of your favorite lipstick on your cheekbones and simply blend it in. This instantly adds the color and flush to your overall look.

Stock on wipes

For women on the go, wipes are real saviors. They can be used to remove makeup after a long day. They can also be used to wipe off excess makeup in case you end up dabbing on a bit too much.

Deodorants for shiny nose

For all those, who suffer from oily skin, deodorants are a savior. Not only do they help to keep your body odor in check, but when you are out in the sun and your nose starts to secrete excessive oil and looks shiny dab some deodorant to tame the same.

Use powder as highlighter

The latest beauty trend in vogue is caking and baking. If you too are one of those who wants to experiment this trend, then try using a powder on the bridge of your nose, forehead, and cheekbones to create the highlighted effect.de

Here were some useful beauty hacks for women on the go that will help the save both time and money.

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    How about check up these mascaras for best curl and volume you probably didn’t know?

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