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Working out is strenuous and difficult. In our quest to be fit and sport a slim body we somehow manage to scrape out a few minutes from our super busy schedule and work out. But, the catch twenty situation is when, after a rigorous workout session we feel ravenously hungry.

In order to satiate our hunger pangs, we end up gorging on anything and everything that we can lay our hands on. Ironically, most of the times we end up eating junk food laden with calories that negate our efforts spent in the workout. Hence, it is important that we take care to check on what we eat post a workout session.

Here are a few foods that we can eat post a workout session to stay slim and fit.

Binge on almonds and oranges

Are you on the go, post workout? At times when you do not have time to eat a proper breakfast, ditch the calories in a sandwich and opt for healthy fat and protein present in almonds and oranges. The best part is that almonds instantly fill up your stomach and curbs your hunger pangs. Also, oranges are known to be enriched with Vitamin C that replenishes the depleted nutrients during the workout.

Gulp down smoothies

This is probably one of the healthiest and simplest options that you can opt for. No matter what you have in your kitchen cupboard churn them into a smoothie. You can also include berries and avocados for the extra dose of nutrients and taste. Also, you can add up some protein powder to it, to get the required protein.

Go the eggy way

Yes, post a workout session, you can simply gorge on some eggs. Reward yourself after a torturous cross trainer with some scrambled egg or water pouch. Eggs have good calories that are healthy and also make you feel fuller.


Oh, forgot!! You can also have the good old hard-boiled egg. You can have it with brown bread and milk for a king sized breakfast.

Help yourself with grilled chicken

After a hard workout session, it is important that you indulge in some high nutrient dish to help your muscles recover. Have some portion of grilled chicken and veggies post working out. Chicken is a lean form of meat that helps your body derive important nutrients and fats. To ensure that you do not add unnecessary calories, you can grill the chicken on charcoal with only a drizzle of olive oil.

Take a bite of salmon sandwich

For all those who think that post workout, you can only have salad and soup you are gravely wrong. You can actually gorge on a sumptuous sandwich, made of brown bread with lettuce, capers, and salmon in it. Salmon is rich in omega 3 and a lean form of protein. That means it is nutritious but not laden with calories.

So, here we have discussed with various options that you can actually gorge on post a workout session to keep yourself fit and slim and ensure that your efforts are not washed out.

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  1. Jenifer says:

    I like it very much. Thank you
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  2. Lee Russell says:

    indeed post workout meals and drinks are super important, I agree EGG is a really beautiful way to consume protein also I believe you miss to add bananas, something special with that?

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