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Just like in the Lion King, Simon is introduced to the world, I would like to take this opportunity to introduce my good friend Gautam’s entertainment company, JokerFace Entertainment. A little bit about the company, this was set up a year ago on a starry night when a few friends got together to bring a little glitz to the industry. A lot of us want to do something different and keep thinking we can do it later, but these young individuals have taken the time out to pursue their dream.

About these young entertainers, the founder of JokerFace is Gautam Gurnani who had a passion for making small films since he was a teenager. This passion grew and he now has a good team making his dreams theirs, and contributing to a humor filled world.

The co-founder of the company, Nikhil Dhadake has joined the team as a screenwriter who has written 4 skits and 3 short movies. Piyashi Bhattacharyya is their talented PR resource and responsible for the word reaching households. Every team has their own editor that makes the cuts and makes sure that the video you see has the colorful content courtesy the big bad wolf, introducing Joseph Larsen as the editor of JokerFace.

The team is incomplete without its Operations coordinator who has been the instructor and choreographer in all the videos you see/ will see (Shh, we do not want to reveal any spoilers but you may get a larger dose of JokerFace with upcoming videos in the pipeline), introducing Abhishek Shivkumar.

Zen Dot, Sharayu Mahale, and Samantha Lerner have been the Marketing and Digital Outreach coordinators for the team and you have them to thank when you hold your stomach laughing or wiping tears while watching their introduction video.

Facebook Page for Jokerface Entertainment (@Jokerfacefilms)

You will be seeing a lot Gautam, Zen, Sharayu, Samantha, and Abhishek acting in JFE music videos, short film or stage shows. Check their introduction video out, as they have a lot of interesting things in the pipeline.

The core team has been working on their dream project, videos for their company JokerFace to reach households and make a mark on the industry. So in all, go watch the video and give them a thumbs up! I will be writing reviews and interviews of the Core team and their videos so keep an eye out for this space!

PS: A new podcast with a celebrity coming soon. Shh- you heard it first from Riya Prem Raaj 😉 ;).



Note: This Interview was taken by Riya Prem Raj for DigiKarma.

Facebook Page for Riya Prem Raj (@riya.p.raaj)

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    Wow, this is different, thanks for sharing 🙂

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