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Tea as a beverage was introduced by the British to the entire world. What was earlier known for its first flush and second flush range has now evolved into various avatars like – Green Tea, White Tea, and fennel tea and so on.

Fennel tea is a sweet smelling herb infused tea that is currently the latest buzz amongst tea lovers. It is slowly gaining popularity because of its various virtues. In terms of flavor, fennel is known to be similar to anise and adds a subtle flavor to the tea.


Here are the 7 reasons why you should switch to fennel tea at the earliest

  1. Increases breast milk

Thanks to our hectic lifestyle and Caesarian delivery most new age mothers face the issue of subdued supply of breast milk. In such cases, the only way to increase the estrogen level in our body is to have fennel tea. Fennel has been used for centuries on new mothers to increase their milk flow.

  1. Helps to tame colic attacks

Infants are known to suffer from colic pains. These colic attacks make them cry inconsolably for hours at a stretch. One of the reasons for such colic attacks is consumption of air by infants while breast feeding. The most natural way to combat this situation is to give them a few drops of fennel tea. But before giving anything to your little one, consult with the doctor.


  1. Good for respiratory tract

If you are suffering from respiratory tract infection like mucus accumulated in your lungs, cough or cold, then you can get instant relief from sipping fennel infused tea. The herb helps to ease out your ailments in a natural manner.

  1. Cures menstrual cramps

There is good news for all those who suffer from severe menstrual cramps. Fennel tea is known to have vitamin E in it that helps to curb menstrual cramps instantly. A lot of women have benefitted from same.

  1. Cures wounds

In a lot of places in the world fennel tea is prescribed to patients who suffer from wounds or poisonous bites from bugs and insects. Fennel is known to have essential oils that help to heal the body from within and it proves beneficial in case of a wound or bite.


  1. Boosts libido

If you are looking for a natural way to strengthen your performance on the bed then sip on fennel tea. It is known to have properties similar to an aphrodisiac, and thus its boost your libido.

  1. Fights Cholera

Sipping on fennel tea is known to combat ailments like cholera. A lot of research has been conducted on this topic and it has been seen that fennel tea and red chili can actually curb this ailment and also prevent the bacteria from spreading all across the body. You can check if your doctor on the dosage you need to intake in this case.

Fennel tea as pointed out has innumerous benefits that you can gain from. So, indulge in healthy living with a cup of fennel tea in your hand.

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  1. Though I am a kinda coffee fan but time to time I did try some green tea, I think green tea is also good fat burner, what do you think?

  2. Ah, nice! reading your article. I also have a question should I ask?

  3. smokeapuff says:

    The fennel chai is good for the mind and our body.

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