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November 15, 2018
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June 17, 2020
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The beauty of Yoga lies in its variability. Being a science of life from ancient India, the way Yoga gets mingled with the modern world’s needs is quite fascinating. Although the roots of the yogic plant started expanding from the Vedic Era, the 21st century has embraced it with equal significance.


Couples Yoga is one of the finest examples of yogic remodulation. This contemporary Yoga form can be practiced by two people -, friends, couples, siblings, etc. Although, the core philosophy of couple’s Yoga is the same that of traditional Yoga, it prioritizes fostering of the bonding between the yogic partners. This is a great way to not only enhance your mental and physical fitness but also understand the gravity of a relationship.

Let these five powerful Yoga poses bring love, health, and harmony in your life while enjoying its delight with your friend.



Ustrasana is also known as the Camel pose in English. It can be practiced beautifully by two people and the benefits can be shared by them astonishingly. Stand on your respective knees with the backs facing each other. Place your heels between those of your partner to bring all four in a line. Put your neck on the left shoulder of your friend and his/her on your right one. Hold the heels with your fingers. The abdomen and thighs should feel the stretching, along with the spine. The exercise is beneficial in opening up the chest and allows the heart to release blood smoothly. Since the asana’s effect is also on the abdomen region, digestive organs also get toned, leading to better digestion.



Be the sailor of your partner’s journey and beautify each other’s life with the practice of Navasana. It is probably the best asana that can be practiced by a couple. The exercise fits perfectly in the life of two people, who are willing to help each other on every stage in life. During the practice, join the soles of your feet while lying on the respective mats in opposite directions. Make an opposite V-shape with your legs by keeping the knees unbent. Raise the upper bodies to hold each other’s hands by coming in the Boat Pose. Your hands should be joined parallel to the ground. Along with toning thighs’ and abdomen muscles, the practice helps to improve the bonding with your partner as you help him/her stay stable by holding the hands.



Uttanasana begins in the Mountain pose (or standing pose). Stand back to back with just a little space between you and your partner. Making sure the knees do not bend, incline forward to bring the nose near the knees. This way both of you faces each other. Reach out to your partner’s shoulder and tell him/her to do so as well. Indulge in a few breaths in that position before coming to the normal pose. Of course, the knees get a lot of stimulation in the practice. All kinds of back issues can be healed through the practice of Standing Forward Fold with a partner. An amazing level of blood flow takes place in the head to give rejuvenation impact to the brain. Almost all body parts are engaged in stretching in the pose. Also, hip strength is increased during this exercise.


Virabhadrasana is an amazing pose with numerous health benefits. The third flavor of this asana is great for the balance of the body. One needs to hold the body on one leg while making a T-shape with the other leg and hands acting as the two fans. Here, you do not need to worry more about the balance because you are with your friend, who assists you in doing so. Begin the practice with standing on the mat by facing each other. Bend forward to bring your heads near and hold one another’s shoulders. During the process, help one of your legs raise to bring in line with the upper body. Make sure the two legs make a right angle between them. This practice is a great shoulder opener. Both legs get toned with Warrior III, along with the hips and neck.


Chair Pose is complete beauty when enjoyed with your friend and partner. The chair stands for comfort and stability – both of which can be experienced during the exercise. Stand straight facing each other at a distance equal to a hand. Join your hands in the air and bend down till the thighs come parallel to the ground. The feet should be placed firmly on the mat and the joined hands balance the bodies’ weight. Both of you should make an eye to eye contact, which makes you understand each other’s feelings. The exercise is awesome practice for the thighs that fight with the earth’s gravitation to stay balanced. Couple Chair Pose comes with an additional benefit of stretching the arms muscles and shoulders. If you are looking to improve your back strength, this practice will help you in that as well.

Bipin Baloni is a passionate yogi, yoga teacher and traveler of India. He is currently working with Rishikul Yogshala. The Yoga Alliance affiliated school organizes a number of yoga events, such as yoga teacher training in Indiayoga teacher training in Nepal, yoga workshops, retreats, pranayama training, Ayurveda courses in Kerala and more.

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  1. Mike Wright says:

    Its Great when you have a buddy working out with you, its really makes the process easier and much more fun, what do you think!

  2. juvan arun says:

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  3. Varun Sharma says:

    Great and fantastic blog on yoga poses for two people.

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  5. Manel says:

    I often practice yoga with my boyfriend. Thank you for your article and your position ideas. We will try it with pleasure!

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