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DigiKarma is a digital entertainment platform that brings you specially curated tips, tricks and everyday amazing to feed your hunger for cool. It's a one-stop shop for a curious mind and someone who gets things done. DigiKarma is the culmination of years of ambition, creative vision & the passion for creating useful media. At the root of this website is the creative seed planted by our founder Ashutosh Sharma, who along with being the visionary of this website, is also the face of Indian youth. Hailing from a small town in India, today Ashutosh works as a business intelligence consultant in a media firm inNorth Eastern United States.His journey from a shy, dyslexic child to a multi-talented & sought after professional has been inspirational. From this platform, we hope to share some similar stories of growth & achievements of today's youth; means and tips to create a new class of professionals equipped with the knowledge to succeed; and the ideas that spark passion. The name DigiKarma is also the soul of what our organization truly stands for, which is a fusion of our cultural, spiritual & moral values with Science & Technology that help propagate advancement in our generation.  A unique segment of this website is thus digitizing the essence of our culture.  We aim to unveil the messages from our age-old mythological scriptures, beliefs & stories that may have been forgotten or misunderstood. We will also decode the truth and relevance of the stories for our subscribers.

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