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While relocating to a new place, renting is always the first option that strikes one’s mind even before buying or leasing a property. But, while hunting for a rented apartment or flat, many renters are likely to fall in the ugly trap of the property owners or agents if they are not vigilant about some vital aspects which need consideration before renting.

By looking at an attractive apartment, the renters get swept away with the visions of having cocktail parties and painting the walls with artistic styles, while completely ignoring the imperative particulars and the issues which may be associated with renting. Most of the times there is a minimum amount of time before which you cannot break the rent contract and leave the house without paying the rent for a stipulated period. Thus, it is always better to have a lucid understanding of what you are stepping into.


So before you rent your next apartment, stop for a moment and take time to find the answers to the following questions. Here are 20 most significant questions which you must find answers to before renting a house.

While enquiring about the rent advertisement

  • Confirm if all the claims made by the advertisement are true or have a hidden meaning?
  • Ask for the total square footage of the apartment.
  • Ask about the individual footage of the apartment.
  • Ask about the exact rent including all the other costs.
  • Ask if there are any hidden costs or charges which may crop up later on when you have rented the house.

During the walk-through of the house

  • If the house is furnished, ask if there would be any maintenance cost for the same that would be charged from the renter.


  • How old is the wiring of the house and electrical fittings?
  • Who would get the house painted whenever required, and if the owner will do that, after what interval of time would the house be painted?
  • How do guests would obtain the entry in the house?
  • What type of security system is in place in the home and if there’s an electronic system, ask if it works properly?
  • If you are planning to move with a pet, be sure to ask about whether pets are allowed or not in the house and society.
  • Is there any central air conditioning system or heating system fixed in the house?

Questions regarding maintenance and leaving before you sign the rental contract

  • Ask about what utilities are included in the rent and what are not?
  • What and how much parking is available, and is it included in the rent or you would have to pay for it.


  • Ask about the maintenance policy and ask which fixes are included in the rent and which are not?
  • Ask are you required to hold the renter’s insurance or not for renting the house?
  • Ask about the periodic rent increase policy if there is one
  • Ask about the provisions in the renting lease if you want to break the contract in between and want to take the security back?
  • Ask about when can you move with your belongings and if there’s already a renter using the house?
  • Ask about what exact amount of rent would be charged and if there would be any taxes? Also inquire about the policy on the late rent.

All these questions are very important if you are planning to rent a house as these help you a clarity about the aspects related to renting the house and whether it would be right for you to take the house on rent.

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  1. These are very pertinent questions every aspiring tenant must task to ensure a comfortable and stress free stay. Infact this holds true for both sides, if both the sides are well prepared then expectations are clearly laid down from both sides and everybody is aware of the other side’s boundaries and expectations.

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