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With a tilt of the axis, comes along winter, the best season suited for traveling and experiencing some of the most exotic and marvelous that India has to offer. The humidity and temperature of some of these locations aren’t so welcoming to the visitors, but with the approach of winter these locales open embrace the hordes of people who come to bask in their beauty and heritage. Here is a list of the destination that are a must visit during the winter.

North East Region: The northeast region includes Shillong, Mokochung, Imphal and the famous Kaziranga National Park. This place spells of winter vacation. Waterfalls, pristine lakes, sprawling views of one of the best national parks, and getting acquainted with the Naga tribes; winter couldn’t be any more fun. While the weather isn’t significantly bothersome in the North East, the winters happen to be the most enjoyable and pleasant time of the year.


Jaipur Tour: This region consists of Jaipur, Jodhpur and Jaisalmer. This particular circuit is famous for its Havelis, Forts and Palaces, built by the Maharajas. The winter is an ideal time to enjoy traveling to this exotic destination. During the day, it’s all about the history lesson, while walking through the specimens of architecture and palaces. As the evening approaches, the Desert and Lake safaris make their way into your routine. These blue, pink and golden cities are one of India’s top winter spots for tourists, not for their landmarks, but also for their rich shopping and cultural experience.


Delhi Tour: As summers prevented the mercury from dropping below a certain level of uneasiness, the winter opens the doors into this magnificent city. The winter is the best time to visit the capital of India. While in Delhi, there are a lot of things to indulge yourself. The heritage walks, exquisite shopping and even the street foods are something to be reckoned with. While Agra is pretty much famous and gets its share of fame all the year around, the temperature is not much friendlier during the summer. So, if Delhi is in your list of places to visit, make sure you arrange your plans around the winter, for a truly pleasant experience.


Gujarat Tour: The Gujarat circuit consists of Ahmedabad, Kutch and Gir. Though the summers may not be appealing as the temperature is very hot, the winter is an ideal time to visit the Gujarat. The Rana Utsav is a grand celebration in this state, a famous attraction. Also, Gir is the only remaining place where the Asiatic Lion resides, a truly rare sight. You need to be extremely lucky to get a glimpse of it.


Kerala Tour: The Kerala circuit consists of Munnar, Trivandrum, Alleppy and Thekkady. Situated beside the ocean, the beauty of this particular region is magnified 10 times during the winter. Kerala is famous for its magnificent greenery, backwaters, beaches, temples, hill station and also the most famous Ayurveda spas. The state also has the country’s largest tiger reserve.


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