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February 5, 2017
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How many of us actually end up in a job which we like, or land on a job which offers a healthy environment and six figures in our pockets may be arguable? While a job in one of the market giants like Google, Microsoft, IBM, GM, etc. may sound appealing, only the very best of candidates willing to decimate the competition by use of their sheer expertise can dream of landing on such a career. Even the startup unicorns like SpaceX, Facebook, SnapChat, Pinterest, Spotify, Lyft, etc. demand the best of candidates graduating each year for maintaining the edge in their product and services lineups. Where does that leave the millions of aspiring young graduates who are at best termed average against their soaring counterparts? Take up a 9 to 5 job in the labour intensive manufacturing sector, or in the public services sector as well as other segments of the market economy.

Being in a segment where each of your steps would be dictated by the respective authorities is a burden not many can handle. It is quite difficult to make the transition from a life where a student is lured by the vast potential of becoming an entrepreneur to a labour intensive, order spewing job which would take care of possible financial worries. If the moody management Gurus at such routine jobs is factored in, the initial outlook appears pretty grim even for someone who yells every now and then that he/she is up for any challenge.


It is entirely up to the working individual if he/she wishes to continue a job in the face of such an environment where no one cares about bringing out the creative skills for improving efficiency, instead dictates the ways of work 24×7. However, keeping in view the financial status, it is a better option for the time being to dive in and explore the environment further.

Focus on Something Which You Love in Your Work

It is understandable that the work itself is a prison where you can’t showcase your ideas regarding the overall efficiency. However, that doesn’t mean you have to whine about every step. Instead, focus on an area of your work, where you’re most comfortable, and work your way inside out such that your performance in that area becomes a benchmark for others to follow.


Make Buddies

Remember the time in your High School when you felt it was the worst moment of your life to have moved in an alien environment with weird gazing and whisperings, and then you made some of life’s greatest friends? Welcome to the same all over again, albeit with one on steroids.


Choose Your Perspectives

It is entirely your decision whether you’ll whine about the environment you work in, or look for improvements in your performances so much so that you become an indispensable member of your team.

Incorporate Your Passion

The World did not topple over when you couldn’t make the cut for market Giants. Instead life provided you with an opportunity to work on your deficiencies and reproduce your passion in some of the fanciest ways possible.

Learn New Things Everyday

It’s no wonder you love to envisage yourself as a person at par with the very finest. Invest this confidence in your work, learn in every step and then implement where deemed possible. Gradually you will start liking your work.

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