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February 5, 2017
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February 5, 2017
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Who does want to be more productive, achieve more in a day and deliver an amazing performance in everything they do. But, we often face an energy drop after some time, and this is one of the reasons that most of us are unable to achieve all that we have planned for the day. On the flip side, there are some people who are always energetic, maintain a high level of the enthusiasm till the end of the day and thus, achieve more than an average person.

If you are wondering that what makes these people different and more productive, then here are some of the secrets that you should know about.

Plan Your Day A Night Before

Sometimes, even when we have apt time, we feel clueless about where to start from and what task to finish first. Due to this, the important tasks get sidelined, and by the end of the day we don’t feel that we performed productively. But, if you spend some time the night before, to plan about the next day, things will become better. While planning, give significance to the high priority tasks, and schedule them for the first half of the day.


Stay Hydrated

One of the biggest reasons behind our fatigue and sluggishness is the dehydration. Most of the times, we don’t drink enough water and to make it worse, we keep on consuming the tea or coffee, which increases the dehydration.


So, whether you feel thirsty or not, reach for a glass of water every 60 – 90 minutes and you will experience the difference in your body. You will feel more energetic and will be able to achieve the desired level of productivity.

Stay Physically Active

Even when your work demands you to sit on a chair or work on a laptop for all day, staying less physically active will only make you less tired, and active.

Take a small walk in the office after every 1.5 hours of continuous sitting, if possible, take a break of 10-15 minutes and indulge in some light exercise like walking, stretching etc.

Develop Realistic Goals for Yourself

To actually become a productive person, you first have to decide that what you want to achieve and how would you measure your productivity. Don’t relish over the fact that how productive someone else, is or how unproductive you have been. Simply, jot down what you want to achieve in the long run, break down your goals and plan how can you work towards accomplishing your goals. Once you have decided that what to do and how to do it, you can keep challenging yourself.

Do Not Disturb


How many times do you pick up casual calls while working or how many times someones comes into your office to distract you from your work. There are some calls or people whom you can attend after some time, but, in order to attend them right as they come, you lose your focus from what you were doing. This does not stop you from completing his work, but makes you a slow worker. On the flip side, if you decide that you won’t let yourself be disturbed by anything for an hour or 45 minutes, you would be able to achieve much in shorter time span.

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