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February 5, 2017
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Android has been around for quite a long time. There have been a significant amount of changes from the Gingerbread version, both in terms of software and hardware. Bigger screens, better batteries and newer android versions with all new features, to keep us entertained.

Here are a few tricks to help you squeeze out some more usability from your phone.


This feature of android is available from the Marshmallow version. It is under development and may be unstable in some devices. You can activate the feature in the developer options. Once activated, open a few apps. While viewing the recent apps by pressing the square button, a little box will appear beside the cross sign in the top right corner of the apps. Choose your desired alignment, along with the two apps you want to view simultaneously, and you’re good to go.


Taking a Screenshot

There were some Android phones that didn’t have any screenshot button. The Moto E first generation didn’t have any file manager as well as a dedicated screenshot button. But in android any setting can be bypassed. In order to take a screenshot, press Volume down Key and the Power Key simultaneously. The device will take a screenshot, and you don’t need any dedicated app to do it for you.

Forced Restart

A lot of Android devices nowadays have a non-removable battery. Previously, when an android device stopped working or crashed, we would just remove the battery to restart it. With the non-removable battery it may pose a problem, but there is also a failsafe here as well. All you need to do is to press and hold down power button for 7 to 8 seconds. The device WILL restart itself from, no matter whatever condition it is in right now.


Saving Battery

This trick is limited to phones with and AMOLED display. In these devices you can conserve battery by switching to Black wallpaper. Unlike conventional displays, the pixels responsible for the black color, actually switch off, thus saving you tons of battery during the day. It may not seem much, but in the long run, these minute percentage charges add up and you may be able to squeeze out a few extra hours just by switching to a black wallpaper.


Photomath is a revolutionary mathematical application. With the help of your camera. You can solve almost any kind math problem in seconds. Just open the app, and when you camera opens, hover it over the mathematical equation. The app will solve the equation instantly.


Airplane Mode Charging

Imagine that you’re in a hurry and your phone is out of charge. You don’t own a power bank either. The fastest and the most efficient way to charge your phone is to charge it in the flight mode. In flight mode the devoice cuts down all types of wireless functionalities that would otherwise suck out the charge. Enabling the flight mode cuts down your data usage, the Wi-Fi connectivity and even switches off your SIM card(s). This trick comes handy whenever you’re in a hurry and also puts less strain on the phone.

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