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February 15, 2017
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The Google’s cloud storage service, Google Drive, lets you save your vital data on the cloud platform and allows you to access it from anywhere anytime. In today’s data dominated world, an online storage system is imperative from multiple perspectives and thus, people find it immensely useful. But, most people don’t use Google drive beyond storing their data and accessing it through the internet. There are many other vital features offered by Google Drive, which can be leveraged in diverse ways to enhance your productivity.

This post shares a deep insight about these Google Drive tips & tricks, and how these can be used to enhance your efficiency as well as productivity.


  • Direct Publishing On the Web

Google Drive enables you to publish the Google Slides, Sheets or Doc files directly to the web. These published items can be easily shared with other people through a link, or these can be embedded in a web page. The best part of this Google Drive’s “Publish to Web” feature is that it can be set up to update the web contents of the published file, whenever you make any changes in its Google Drive’s copy. This means any changes in the file get automatically updated in the published content.

  • Easily Send Files From Your Computer to Google Drive

When we have to send a file to an external hard disk or pen drive, we use the “Windows Send To Menu” to easily send the files in the destination folder.

The “Send To” menu actually shows the contents of a special folder located within the computer. N order to open this folder, open Windows Explorer and type this URL “%APPDATA%/Microsoft/Windows/SendTo”.

Once the folder is open, copy your Google Drive Folder here in the Send To folder. Once you add the Google Drive Folder here, you can easily send the files to the Google drive, by right clicking on the file’s or folder’s icon, selecting the “Send To” and then  selecting the “Google Drive” option.

  • OCR On PDFs and Images

Google Drive possesses a neat OCR feature that can be accessed through its web app. While it’s available on its Android app, you might not be able to access this feature of you are using an iOS device. It facilitates the recognition of the text inside the PDfs and images, and allows the creation of a searchable & editable Google Docs file.

In order to use the OCR feature on your PDF or image files, simply upload those files in the Google Drive. Then, right lick the files, and select the option “Open in Google Docs”. The Google will convert that PDF/Image into a “text-only” editable file.

  • Conduct Plagiarism and Grammar Test on Stored Files


Google Drive facilitates an array of add-ons which help you write effective, error free and unique content in your files. One of the Google Drive Add-On you can use is called “ProWritingAid”. It’s a tool that checks your document for plagiarism, spelling errors or mix-ups and grammatical mistakes. However, there are many other features also supported by this tool such as overused words check, acronym check, writing style check, sticky sentences check and much more.

This is a paid tool though, but you just have to spend $40 a year for this which seems a reasonable price for the tasks it performs.

  • Adding Multiple Rows and Columns in Google Sheets

This is one of the best features as many of us find it difficult to add more than on the columns or rows in the MS Excel sheets. One has to add these rows and columns one by one, which makes it time consuming and a daunting task. But, Google Drive’s Sheets eliminate this issue. Google facilitates an add-on known s “Add Rows and Columns”.


This add-on eases the tedious task of adding rows and columns one by one by enabling the users to multiple rows and columns with one command.

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