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February 16, 2017
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You might be a frequent and an avid user of the Google chrome search engine, as a daily browser and enjoy its fabulous surfing experience. Yet still, you have not have ever tried a host of other exciting and often useful features that would go a long way to enrich your browsing experience.

Chrome lexicon

If ever you come across a difficult word or term and are at a loss to comprehend its meaning, then simply download the ‘Google Dictionary’ from the web store of Chrome, so that from then on, all complicated terms would be immediately get rendered in simple terms, if you select the particular word or phrase.


Getting back closed tabs

If you have suddenly closed a tab, in which you were working on through mistake, then restore it back through the following simple method. Just press ‘Control plus Shift plus T’ and get your last page back within a moment.


Get the calculations done easily

You just have to enter the sign * between the numbers and get all the possible calculation results involving addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Also by the same method, various means of measurement can be converted into another one, Such as kilograms into grams or milligrams and the like.

Saved bookmarks

If you are using a desktop or laptop other than your own and intend to get back to your saved bookmarks, then simply sign in to your Gmail account from Chrome and get back your saved bookmarks. All your settings would immediately emerge the moment you sign in to your account.

Attach frequently used website

If you visit a particular website too often for your purpose, then you do not have to type its URL every time you browse through Chrome. So, you can save this website for your immediate use every time by visiting the site and then go to the Chrome settings, click at the ‘More Tools’ option and then click at ‘Add to desktop’ button and it will remain saved forever.

Creating a beautiful homepage

You can create your own flavored and textured home page in Chrome by downloading the program called ‘Momentum’ from Chrome web store. After installing it, you can create manifold designs, insignias, and exciting wallpapers for your home page, along with the date and time marvelously crafted. So, the next time you double click Google Chrome, a beautiful message crafted within the intricate designs would pop up at the first place. You can also add various colors in this.


Easing off load on RAM

You can see and examine which particular application is occupying how much of your RAM space by typing ‘Hit Shift plus Esc’ and a tab would open up displaying which applications, plug-ins & other features are being stored in your Ram and the relative space which they occupy. So, then you can simply uninstall and delete the unnecessary application which you do not require anymore and increase the RAM space.

Have a happy Surfing!

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