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If you are an avid user of Skype, then Microsoft brings you fascinating features to enhance your user experience by using these interesting features. After downloading the Skype app on your Android phone, you can have access to the use of all types of Skype bots available in the domain. The sole problem is that as of now, Skype bots are only available for the net users of a few countries, though gradually its purview is being increased. These features will both be extremely useful and illuminating for your use as a means of communication and receiving information every time.



If you are an avid party animal or a frequenter at cafes and restaurants, then this would assist you the most. By using this, you can get information and location regarding the best places for hanging out as well as hotels, eateries and food plazas situated nearest to your current location. So, no longer, you would have to worry about finding and searching out the place where you have your lunch or dinner because with a single click, this feature would provide all the information you seek.

Bing News Preview

This service is provided by Bing. It provides valuable news in between your chat box so that you do not miss any vital highlights when engaged in chatting. In the course of your conversations, news feeds would appear within the chat box itself.

Bing Image Preview

Here, you would get equivalent pictures and images for any word you type, along with the URL of the website from where the picture has been originally posted or uploaded. The full – screen preview is also available, thereby, making this a valuable addition to your entertainment. You can also share these photographs with your acquaintances.


If you are a regular traveller and have to engage in frequent tours, this feature would prove to be extremely useful. You just have to type your current location and your destination, and then you would get all the journey based information necessary, such as the means of transports available along with the tariff and respective fare as well as booking costs. Through this feature, you would get all information necessary for your journey with the least amount of exertion.



This would deliver all kinds of information and facts about medication and diseases. You have merely to type the name of the disease and you would get all the facts right on your screen about its diagnosis, prevention and care procedures, along with the symptoms and incubation period. Fin distressful and emergency situates, this feature would provide you with the right guidance.


Free Busy

This feature assists you to plan for events during your tight and busy working schedule. You can plan for your entire day, even by using it. So, to relieve unwanted stress about managing your schedule, this feature would prove to be of immense assistance, whenever you use it.

So, have a wonderful experience using Skype bots!

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