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The majority of interviewees try to figure out what is that particular thing that can click to the hiring manager that can turn their interview into an offer. You can have most impressive concepts and theories on business, the most pertinent information to deliver and most intriguing insights on how to approach an issue, but if you don’t learn how and when to get those information and theories across, then it is of no use. You won’t get a competitive advantage on others.


So here there are eight ways to impress your interviewer and get a hold of your offer letter:

Be prepared:

Don’t be whimsical and make sure you do your part of research on the company and brush up your concepts. Make sure you know the venue and time of the interview and make sure you wear clean and formal as that is the first thing that catches the sight of the interviewer.

Try to avoid using jargons:

Try to keep the conversation simple and involve the interviewer in that. Don’t be in a rush to use too many embellished words and jargons. Interviewers love to hire people who can engage their customers not use words that go over their head.


Take care of your body language:

Your body language shows a lot about your personality. Try to sit straight. Keep your hands folded on your lap and don’t fidget. Have a firm handshake. Furthermore, try not to look here and there and make a direct eye contact with the interviewer.

Be enthusiastic and keep a smile on your face:

Try not to show your nervousness and pressure on your face. Try to be easy going. In addition to maintaining proper boundaries try to keep your personal ease. Try to show a kind of person who loves to take responsibilities.

Be thorough about your resume:

Your resume shows what you are. So be confident about your resume and don’t try to forge or lie on any information. You should be able to justify every part of your resume and try to be yourself.

Take a pause before every answer:

It is better to take a small pause before every answer rather than rather than shooting an answer that’s takes you nowhere. So listen to the question, then think and answer. Don’t be in a haste to just complete your interview process, rather enjoy the process.


Ask relevant questions:

It is always good to keep yourself prepared with a handful of questions which you can ask your potential employer. Some questions could include: How and what are the points I can improve on? This will make the recruiter remember you among hundreds of candidates those have been interviewed.

So to click an interview and get a job is not a big mystery. Like every other successful interviewer, you can also make things work for you. Picking some of these key points will help you get an edge over others. Besides, it’s important to be true about everything that you say in an interview, as any false claims may impact your career even after the selection for the job.

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