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Businesses, all across the globe, devise ways of enhancing the workplace, productivity to increase sales and earn profits. Some businesses spend on the productivity programs and even incorporate computer based software to do the same. Becoming productive at your workplace can be a major challenge, but there are ways of fostering a productive environment and attain additional achievement. No business can ever underestimate the importance of having productive employees. To strengthen your employee productivity and motivation, you can follow the top 5 ways.

Motivate your employees through gamification

Motivation is the most important factor which helps in improving productivity. If your employees are unmotivated, they will not be able to handle mundane the workplace routine. Motivate your employees so that they complete even the challenging tasks. Use gamification techniques to boost your employee motivation. For instance, you may gamify tasks like contributing ideas for the projects, completing reports, giving suggestions on company policies. Make use of reward programs, badges, employee rankings, leader boards, challenges and points. By doing so, even the repetitive, monotonous and quantifiable task may get interesting. Try to incorporate enterprise gamification tools and platforms to the existing CRM and ERP applications.


Along with this, get rid of motivation killers from your workplace. A good manager can efficiently find out problem areas that can negatively impact the productivity. Abrasive personalities, toxic people and dearth of opportunities can reduce the level of enthusiasm among your employees. Observe your work environment carefully and devise ways.

Set up clear business objectives and goals

Your working personnel and employees must know what they need to achieve. State your company goals and offer ways of accomplishing them. Set up short term goals so that your employees stay encouraged and try to meet the deadlines and targets.

Make use of technology at the workplace

It is a grave mistake if you refuse to take advantage of technology. Technologies can improve your workplace productivity. The use of technology in the workplace does not imply using computer and internet connection. In fact, it means incorporating hardware and software to boost productivity. There are collaborative applications that may make the employees more productive. With such applications, your employees can work from their own locations and feel comfortable.


More and more reward and recognition schemes

Whether you believe it or not, most of the employees want someone to tell them if they are performing well or not. Simply by saying ‘Keep It Up!’ to your employee, you may reverse the negative attitude of your employee. Managers and supervisors have to be held responsible when it comes to implementing the reward and recognition scheme.


Communicate clearly and efficiently

Communication is the way to efficient business operation. If effective communication is not in place, the business operation will not be carried out efficiently. For the accomplishment of business goals, you need to design your own communication system in the workplace. It can maintain and improve productivity in the workplace.

The human side of the organization matters a lot. Employee morale is also crucial to the productivity of the work space. By following the above 5 ways, your workplace will become more productive.

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  2. Great tips. Strategies like gamification, employee recognition have always proved to be highly effective

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