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Looking to care for your teeth and gums? You need to brush your teeth regularly and floss them. When you brush your teeth, you tend to eliminate the food particles that pair up with bacteria to cause plague and decay. But, simply brushing and then flossing your teeth will not do. To improve your dental health, you even need to eat healthy. There are top 5 food items that may be eaten to promote healthy teeth. Healthy food habits will reinforce your powerful weapons like brushing and flossing in the bacteria fighting arsenal.

Calcium-rich milk products must be incorporated

Milk, along with other dairy products, such as yogurt and cheese, need to be incorporated within the diet in order to reduce the acid levels of the mouth. All the dairy products are fabulously packed with calcium that assists in bone fortification. If you drink milk regularly, the practice can neutralize the acid level which is produced by the plaguing bacteria. Even if there is no milk, you can still get calcium from the pieces of cheese.


Start eating cranberries

So, the season of cranberries is finally here. It is an ideal time to start enjoying cranberries and boosting your dental health. Containing polyphenols, cranberries can prevent the plague from sticking to your teeth. Thus, cranberries can eventually lower the risk of tooth plague and decay. Make sure you are not consuming too much of cranberry products that are sugar-sweetened. Since cranberries are pretty tart, food producers overload the content with sugar.

Leafy and green vegetables

Salad greens can offer you all-round health benefits. They can help reduce weight, bring a glow to the skin, but the benefits are not just restricted to these. Green veggies can keep your mouth clean since they need serious chewing just to break down. Fiber-packed veggies can keep your teeth and gums healthy. Eat lots of apples, carrots, veggies to clean your teeth. They help produce excess saliva to eliminate mouth bacteria. You should try and incorporate stringy and high-fiber foods such as celery, spinach, cucumber and also cooked beans.



Slowing down bacteria with tea

Just like the cranberries, tea also comprises of polyphenols to slacken the growth of bacteria or preventing the plague development. If you rinse your mouth with black tea instead of plain water, you will have less of plague development. The practice must be done 4 times a day. As per the latest researches, tea can restrict bacteria from clumping together.

Raisins: a fantastic way to kill your sugar craving

Raisins are naturally sweet and so they do not comprise of any teeth-damaging sugar. Raisins can kill your craving for sweet dishes. Comprising of phytochemicals, raisins can kill the bacteria from the mouth. It is already proved that any consumption of raisins can slacken the growth of bacteria which is associated with the gum disease.


Apart from the above mentioned food items for healthy teeth and gums, there can be several others. It is good to eat one apple regularly. You may eat the high-calcium greens like kale. Then, you can consume raw onion which has great potential to fight out bacteria.

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