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Feng Shui, being a Chinese philosophical science believes that if the objects and elements in the home, office or at any place are organized in a certain manner, they attract money, opportunities, and prosperity. By arranging the physical objects in a specific way, we can attract the positive energy and neutralize the effect of the negative energy that often surrounds us.

After our homes, our offices are the places where we spend a lot of our time and thus, it’s vital that both our offices and homes should have positive energy.

Here are the top notch Feng Shui Tips for the offices to impact the flow of chi, that is, the life force. A Feng Shui based office arrangement enhances productivity, inspiration, and power.

  • Clear All the Clutter

Cluttery spaces are the places where negative energy start accumulating. Clutter has a significant impact on the spiritual, physical, mental and emotional well-being of people. When the clutter is cleared, the vital energy starts flowing in the place which helps you to focus, enables mental clarity and self-motivation.


A clutter free office reduces stress, increases mental peace, brings in new ideas and enhances the overall productivity in the office.

  • The position of the Desk is Important

As per Feng Shui, it’s important that you sit in the power position, which is determined by the position of your desk. The power position means that you are able to see the door of the room while sitting on your desk. Ideally, your desk should be placed in a way that you are able to see as much area of the room as possible. Also, your desk should be located as far as possible from the door.

  • Use of Apt Artwork

According to the Feng Shui principles, you must surround yourself with the images and objects which keep you inspired, productive and creative. So, to gain the maximum benefit, you must add beautiful window treatments, paintings, and flowers in your office. Hang the images, pictures and the paintings which symbolize your objectives. Also, make wise decisions while choosing your accessories and furniture which can speak about your abundance, success, and prosperity.


Every object in your office has an influence on you, so, always ensure that you surround yourself by the right objects.

  • Choose Suitable Colours for your Office

The colors around you have a considerable impact on your physical and psychological well-being. As per Feng Shui, the colors such as pale gold, sandstone, soft yellow, blue-green, pale green, and pale orange are ideal for the use the office. Adding while color to your office’s walls and furniture will help in increasing mental focus and clarity. The earthy tones such as brown color stabilize and ground the office.

So, consult a Feng Shui expert before adding colors to your office.

  • Add Stress Relievers to Your Office


Feng Shui science suggests that there are some objects which can keep the irritability and stress at a bay when they are placed in your office. Choose the furniture with the rounded corners. Also, avoid the sharp glares and lights as they can cause fatigue and irritability. You can also add a running water or mist with the essential oils in the office, as they act as stress relievers. One can buy a lot of artifacts with running water effect.

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  1. Karl Fine says:

    Great Feng shui tips. I really learned the placing of each thing inside the office. Color combination also is a must in order to have a suitable vision inside and to stabilize positivity.

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