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Bad habits are not at all rare at workplaces. You may notice them in your own friends, colleagues and even you may be having them. For instance, there are some who always complain about everything around them, not knowing that it is annoying for others. Top 6 everyday bad habits may make you wildly unprofessional at work. Such habits can severely impact your image in the workplace, delay your promotion or may prevent from growing as a professional person.

The habit to complain

Frequently complaining about almost nothing is extremely unprofessional. In almost all the workplaces there are people who keep complaining about something or the other. Every time they find something to complain about even if the condition is perfect. They will keep saying that the boss is good for nothing, the work condition is too bad or it is too hot and too cold in the space. They can even complain about the noise which is coming from outside. They keep telling that the water in the cooler is just too bad, the birds outside is disturbing or the breaks are too short. We all need to share complain, but this has to be done within a limit because you never know when you are fired.


Flirting is unprofessional

Yes! You can always tell your senior that he/she looks great, the dress that he/she is wearing is beautiful but again flirting too much is annoying and unprofessional. There are many who just flirt with the seniors with the mere aim of advancing in the career. People get a promotion because of their good work and not because they appreciate others.

Trying to impress everyone

Many times it happens that you fail to decide what to do and whom to follow. It may happen that your boss wants something, your manager wishes another thing while the management wants you to do something else. If such situation occurs, to be on the safe side, do what is best. Do not try to please everyone and do everything. Trying to please all is extremely unprofessional. You need to apply your brains and do what must be done as per the situation.

Not being on time

This is the major problem that all the employers have to face. The employees do not arrive on time and seem to be very casual. Keep in mind that being late for a date is ok but you cannot be late in the office. Always being late for the work has been totally unacceptable and unprofessional. You cannot finish your daily tasks on time if you arrive late.


Using too much of humor and jokes

Having a sense of humor is good, but it is only restricted to friends, girlfriends and family members. If you pull too any jokes, use verbal comments and mockeries, you will sound unprofessional. Use jokes, only occasionally, but do not become an office clown.

Dressing casually and unprofessionally

Come one, you cannot wear those ‘pajamas’ or ‘clown stockings’ at your workplace. It is true that modern bosses do allow casual dress codes, but you need to be thoughtful and put up something which appears professional.


So, just avoid the above 6 unprofessional behavior in your workplace if you want a promotion soon.

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