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March 10, 2017
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You may find the negative people anywhere, in your home, at your workplace, and among your friend circle. The biggest problem with the negative people is that they spread their negativity, and sometimes, it may badly impact a person.

The comments and the words which negative people are often rude and mean, and the vulnerable individuals may get affected significantly due to this. Moreover, till you shut them down, the negative people go on and on with their opinions and perspectives.


  • Really sorry to hear this. Do you think that some good came out of this situation?

This phrase not only shows empathy but also redirects the thoughts of the person in a highly upbeat manner. Hen they reply with “No”, you can simply sympathetically frown and change the subject being discussed.

  • Wow, that just sucks. But, I must appreciate that how positively you have managed the entire situation.

When we tell the people about how hard working they are and tell them that they are doing a good job, they get motivated. In the same way, when the negative people’s fortitude is appreciated, it incentivizes them to become less negative, or at least in front of you.

  • Ooh. Do you always talk so negatively?

When the negative people are made to realize that they are showing their pessimistic side quite often, they start exhibiting this character less in front of you So, it’s sometimes good to make them realize that they are being negative.


Either they will walk away or change the topic. Whatever option they choose, you will get rid of the negativity around you.

  • Please correct me, if I am being wrong, but just want to ask that are you upset about something?

Some people have the habit of not letting it go until the time you hear them out. So, for such folks, this is the perfect reply to shut them up and stop them from propagating the negativity.


  • Well, I think that talking about something happier won’t cause any harm to you

This is an ideal phrase to tell people that positivity doesn’t hurt, but negativity may hurt someone’s sentiments. So, when you ask them to talk positively, they never pay you to heed. However, when they are made to realize that being positive is not that difficult and it might help someone without harming you in any way, they may stop talking negatively.

  • Let’s talk about something else

This is one of the clearest indications that you are not interested in the negative talks and would rather prefer to change the topic.

With this reply, you let the other person know that it’s time to move on to some less gloomy topic. After all, they will never say, “I don’t really like talking about something happier”.

With these polite replies, you can simply shut down the negative people and get rid of their toxicity whilst not be being as rude or mean as they are.

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