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Girls in India, no matter how ambitious, how modern, how modest they may be but 90% of them have big dreams of getting married and have the most amazing wedding trousseau.

In India, Bollywood influences the wedding trends and trousseau. A girl keeps jotting down in her head all those dresses, bags, shoes and accessories from her teenage that she wants to keep in wedding collection.

But out of excitement, you end up purchasing a lot of stuff which you regret later, I have met many girls who say that lots of her wedding sarees and dresses are still lying untouched in fact wrapped inside the cupboard. Now, they do not even wish to wear them as most of them go out of fashion.

So here are a few tips or a few must have in your wedding wardrobe:

> Some very well fitted (padded) blouses in colors like gold, silver, copper, light gold, black with extremely beautiful and deep neckline, stylishly stitched, not necessarily very ethnic. These blouses you can get customized with many sarees and lehengas or even skirts. Ask your designers to leave some margins while stitching them as you tend to lose or gain weight post marriage. 

> When going for bags shopping please ensure that do not buy lots of colorful bags, it is not necessary to have the bags of all the colors just because of you’re newly married, buy some classy brown, beige, black, red, mustard shades. For clutches take a gold, silver, and black which would go with all your ethnic collection. Buy a few but good brands.

> If you are a working woman( most of the girls are these days), please ensure that you take some plain fabrics in georgette, silk, chanderi etc and get your regular wear stitched very stylishly and simply possibly and customized them with very beautiful, colorful and flowy dupattas. Because when start thinking of office wears you can’t really take out those heavy suits or sarees which your relatives have given you on your wedding. And if you carry western in your office do not buy ill-fitted trousers or shirts, do not get into colorful shirts or tops just because you are a newly married woman.

> As far as the accessories are concerned, well your family must have planned some gold, Kundan, diamond jewelry for you, still avoid taking huge necklaces with really big earrings as they are not practical and they mostly remain in the lockers of your favorite banks. Buy some really cute girlish strings in gold, white gold, silver, pearls etc and purchase some diamond studs, some classy simple looking girlish rings, one cocktail ring for ethnic collections. Get some good accessories in some stones like ruby, emerald etc.All that which you can practically carry on day to day basis.

> When you go for footwear shopping, take some nice ballerinas in beige, red, blue, gold, black, silver/white etc. Buy a nice pair of stilettoes, one pair of some strappy funky footwear and a few regular flats. A Punjabi jutti you can have.A pair nice long boots.Don’t forget to buy the branded and comfortable flip flops. You can always add new footwear to shoe collection, buying too many at the time of wedding is not a good idea because most of them start getting worn out in a year by just lying in you shoe collection as you end up wearing the most comfortable ones on regular basis.

> When you go for your ‘nightwear’ shopping which is still so hyped, well let me tell you the shopkeepers will show you a lot of useless pairs of those three pieces nightgowns, those lacy nighties etc. Gone are the days when guys used to like such stuff.But trust me, they are actually useless and a waste of money. Go for really comfy spaghettis with shorts, there are some very cute pairs available at good stores. Here again, the idea is to be very practical, those nighties remain in your cupboards forever after a few months of marriage. 

> The most important one, the outfit for you D-day, when you go for its shopping, do not go with an image in your head, you might return disappointed rather explore and find what is different. Do not get anything too flashy just because you are going to be the bride. Choose something which you can carry very comfortably. You have to look your best on your big day but that doesn’t mean that you will overdo things. And if your wedding outfit is slightly heavy( which usually is) then do not go for really heavy accessories with it.

> When it comes to the choosing the makeup artist, try and see the live examples, don’t go by pictures. Always choose the one who does a very good eye makeup and that one who does not make you look too white or pale with the makeup base or concealers. Anyone who knows how to do subtle yet correct eye makeup for the bride would be a perfect choice. For example, I saw an artist who always does copperish golden (rose gold sort of)eye makeup for all the brides no matter what color of the outfit she wears but that simply looks amazing. 

I guess the modern bride is too smart to do all this on her own thanks to the social media, there is already a lot of exposure of all this yet when you have a lot of options available it is at times a bit confusing which can actually spoil some of the best moments of your life.

I hope these tips help you a bit if you are a bride-to-be. Look your best and live all your dreams.

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Nishtha Sharma
Nishtha Sharma
French linguist, Asst.Professor, Author (series of French books),Traveler.


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  2. Shirin Mann says:

    Heavy jewelry suits best on brides with heavily embroidered lehenga and a combination of pair of Punjabi jutti.

  3. This is really beautiful jewellery which is shown in this blog and I really love and appreciate this. The bridal lehenga is awesome with the lehenga a jutti is a very good combination.

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