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“It’s tough to find a place not to like in Switzerland.”

                                                                                                                        –Michele Bachmann

Switzerland is considered as one of the winter wonderlands if you love to enjoy this place during the winter months. When I used to stay there, I really experienced the same. There are many people like me who will say that Switzerland is the most awaited and most destinations of the world that offers tremendous tourist activities. This place is almost covered with ice almost all the time of the year. You can ski in the Alps Mountains; you can visit the markets and also taste the various brands of cheese available.Mainly I prefer you to go this destination during the winter months.

Mainly I prefer you to go this destination during the winter months.

Here are some of the top activities that you can try while spending vacation in Switzerland-

1.    You can try the mountain skiing

It is one of the top most activities that you can try while you are visiting Switzerland for the first time. This destination is famous for skiing. The Swiss Alps offer lots of options for the travelers who love to enjoy this sport during the winter months. The adventure seekers can enjoy this activity whole day just taking a lunch break at the nearby local restaurant. Almost all the ski resorts located at this place have their own restaurants.


2.    Surely visit the chocolate factory

I think you are a fan of eating chocolates. There is hardly anyone those who do not enjoy eating the chocolates. There is much chocolate making factories in Switzerland where you can pay a visit. You also get the opportunity to taste the tasty chocolates. There are even workshops here you can try to make your own custom chocolate candies.


3.    Enjoy the local festivals

There are lots of ways that you can enjoy in Switzerland. You can participate in the local festivals that will not only make you feel good but also help you to learn the tradition of the place. On each Saturday, from the middle of July to August, you can enjoy the Swiss folk dance and music, visit the craft shows and see the local performances on the street.

4.    Sip the local wines available

There are plenty of local wineries in Switzerland that manufactures that best type of wines ever you have tasted.  Whether it is the white wine that you want to taste or the red wine, you can find any one of the varieties here. You can walk through the vineyards to see how the wines are being made.


5.    Have a ride on St. Bernina Express

If you want to reach the heights and get the best views of the Alpine mountains, you can get the train trip in Switzerland. You can just ride on the St. Bernina Express from the Davos region to the Tirano via the region of Moritz. The train winds its ways through the tunnels and bridges. While riding the train, you will see that the mountains are covered with snow and glaciers.


6.    Relax at the Quaint Village

If you want to relax somewhere and unwind your mind, move out from the main city and head towards the smaller towns like the quaint villages. Chateau d’Oex is good for outdoor activities and hot air balloon rides and so on.

Thus, try these 6 activities and enjoy your holiday in Switzerland.

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