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Microsoft Excel is a great tool that eases the process of bulk mathematical calculation, performs statistical analysis, maintain financial documents and create visual representations of data. It applies to the fields of marketing, finance, operations, statistics, etc. These easy everyday hacks in Excel will improve your efficiency in performing calculations.


Change Sheets

It is a pain to click and change sheets while you are busy working. Word provides a simple solution to this problem. Just click down Ctrl and Up or Ctrl and Down and change sheets left or right easily.

Select Data

Data is always in rows and columns. Whenever you wish to select an entire or an entire column, Word has an easy solution to do it with the keyboard itself. Just go to the first cell in the row or column you want to select and press Ctrl and Arrow key. So for example, if you have to select the 2nd column, for example, press Ctrl + Down Arrow.


Copy Formula to Entire Columns

If you want to copy the same formula that you used in one cell in the entire column, Excel has a superb time-saving shortcut that you may use. Instead of manually copying the entire column and copy pasting the formula, you can double click and perform the same operation. Go to the cell where the formula is typed, take your cursor to the bottom right of the cell boundary. The cursor will change to a thin plus symbol. Now double click it and your formula will be posted to the entire column in one go.

View Formulas

There are numerous times when you would like to view a formula that is used in the cell, you have to either look at the formula bar or double click the cell. However, there is a third way to view the formula in one keypress. Simply press the F2 or the Function Key 2 to view the formula. The cell used for the formula will be highlighted with a color code for easy reference.


Search data with Vlookup

The Vlookup function will look for a value in the extreme left column of a data range, match it with the working data and return the respective value in the right column of the data range. So first create a data range with the minimum values on the left column and its name in the right column. The format of the formula is: VLOOKUP (lookup value, date range, column number, type). Lookup value is the working data, the data range is the created data range with names, the column number is to look up which data to match with and type is whether the values are an exact match or not.


Generate Random Numbers

The function Rand() will output a random value between 0 and 1. If you want to generate random binary numbers, then use round function. If you want to generate a double-digit random number use round function on Rand()*10 and so on.

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