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Today, everyone has a smartphone. And with a smartphone comes a powerful camera that is just as good as a digital camera. Smartphones are just more convenient. You have your mobile with you all the time. Clicking a photo has always been just a finger tap away. So here are a few tips and tricks to take the best snapshots with your smartphone.

Refrain from Using Zoom

Most cameras in smartphones just have a digital zoom and not optical ones. This means that your photos will get pixelated even with little amounts of zoom. So, avoid zooming on your smartphones altogether. There are attachable lenses that you can find in the marketplace. You can attach lenses to your smartphones that offer optical zoom. You can use this zoom to take close up shots of your favorite moments.

Edit,  Don’t use Filters

There are literally thousands of filters out there today that millions of people use. To get away from the same old effects, personally, edit your photos. Each photo has its own charm and personality. So, each photo should be edited in its own way.

Take Your Time

Although it is a smartphone camera, that is no reason to click photos in haste. Figure out the subject, then take your time to fine tune your shot. Smartphone cameras often have auto exposure feature. If the lit area has more space than the unit area, then exposure will be low and vice versa. So, maintain an ideal area under the light so that your subject is optimally lit. Also, don’t click until you are fully satisfied with what you see.

Take Burst Shots

Almost all smartphone cameras have burst shot feature. It takes 3 to 4 shots in succession. Once you have taken the photo, you can select the best one out of the 4. This feature is especially helpful if either you or your subject is moving while taking the picture. Also, if you are trying to take a jumping shot or such, this feature comes in very handy. Even in normal everyday clicks, this feature is helpful. The only drawback is this feature takes more time to complete the shooting process.

Let Go of the Flash

Smartphone cameras generally do not have anti-red eye measures. This is the reason for those terrible demon eyes whenever you use flash. Also, in low light flashes don’t work well anyways. The colors get all jumbled up in a low light flash. So, try as much to use natural lighting of your subject. Let your subjects face the sun when taking photos.

Keep Your Lens Clean

The lenses are the life of your camera. On a smartphone, your lenses are the badly hit, with dust, hands, water etc. every day. It is important that you keep your lenses clean and dirt less. This will ensure the long life of the lenses. To clean a lens, use a mild soap solution and clean the lenses with soft cotton cloth.

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