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Dogs are among the most caring and loving pet animals. They are cute, loyal and an incredible joy to have. But have you been noticing any unusual symptoms of signs like anxiety, easiness or excessive barking in your dog? These all problems are not normal.



These may be the indications of some serious issues like anxiety problem dog. This is normally referred to as a separation anxiety problem in a dog. If you don’t take some vital steps to solve this problem of your dog, then it may lead to several problems in the future. Provided here are the important signs of separation anxiety problem in the dogs along with the possible treatments for the same.


Signs of separation anxiety problem your Dog

Here are some of the noticeable signs of separation anxiety problem in a dog.

  • Your dog will spend all of its time to be next to you as if you both have been glued.
  • If you leave the home, the real problem arises within a few minutes as if it is the end of the world.
  • Your dog will start chewing up the items that have your scent like your shoes or socks etc.
  • Your dog will bark, bark and just bark continuously in long series.
  • Your dog will go mad when you will arrive while acting over excited and clingy.

Treatment of separation anxiety problem in the dog

If your dog is also suffering from separation anxiety problem or has started showing above mentioned signs of separation anxiety problem, then it is time to take some vital steps in order to treat it. Here are some good & handy ways to overcome the problem.


  • The simple & the foremost thing to start is to make your departures and arrivals modest and inconspicuous.
  • Discipline and gratitude are the key factors that can help you treat your dogs’ separation anxiety problem very effectively and easily. Make your dog earn attention and treats. This way your dog will be more disciplined.
  • Mental and physical exercises will deliver amazing results. Get your dog out for more walks. Also, provide your dog with some interactive toys.
  • Fake out your dog from continuing with your leaving schedule, but actually not going out. This will help in reducing your dog’s association with your routine actions.
  • Socialize with your dog. If we need socialization, our dogs also need it. Allow your dog to simply hang out with some of his friends during day time. This can easily and effectively cure the anxiety problem in your dog plus enhancing your dog’s confidence level. You can take your dog to some play areas for dogs.
  • Practice short absences to deteriorate the primary craziness in your dog for you, and it will also help in reducing your dog’s need to be around you. Also, it will help your dog to understand that its natural for you to go out and he will not create a nuisance at home in your absence.

Work on making smart observations that when your dog starts showing any of the above mentioned signs of anxiety to cure the problem effectively. The earlier you detect the problem of anxiety, easier it becomes for you to solve it for your lovable dog.

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