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For your dog to be healthy & fit, it’s important to take care their dental care is also very imperative. If you have a pet dog, then you certainly need to be extra careful and watchful for your dog’s teeth.


Many dog breeds like Yorkshire terrier are prone to gum diseases and they also tend to build up plaque over their teeth. These dental problems can further lead to loss of teeth and other health issues such as heart problems, stomach infections, digestive problems and kidney ailments.

Important Points one should know about Dental Care for your Dog

Have a quick look at these points that can play an important role in keeping your dog’s teeth healthy, fit, clean and strong.

  • Brushing – Brushing teeth of your dog is very important. If our teeth require regular brushing, the same is essential for your dog teeth. But you don’t need to brush your dog’s teeth on a regular basis. A minimum of twice a week is advised by experts. Brushing is helpful because dogs can build up some tartar on teeth.


If you find it difficult to brush the teeth of your dog, you can choose to hire the professionals for this task. They visit you once or twice a week, and clean the teeth of your dog with proper care and utmost efficiency.

  • Diet – Diet also plays a crucial role in keeping your dog’s teeth quite strong, healthy and fit. The advisable combination in the diet by experts is a mixture of wet & dry food. If your dog’s teeth are strong internally that also solves many of its dental issues. In fact, diet is one of the most significant aspects of dental care. Find out the best foods which strengthen the teeth and maintain the gum health. Increased consumption of such food items helps in ensuring good dental health in dogs.
  • Chew Bones – Chew bones are quite helpful for any dog’s teeth problems. The chew bones keep dog’s teeth clean and the dogs love them. But you should first consult your veterinarian before giving any chew bone to your dog. A veterinarian can make some vital suggestions on the basis of your dog’s needs & requirements.


Make sure your dog is having one in your presence only so as to avoid any issues. Dogs may sometimes swallow the bone, or get their throat choked with it. Thus, be very careful when you give these bones to your dog.

  • Dental Consultation – Make a habit of visiting your veterinarian at least once a month for a complete dental check-up for your dog. When you get your dog’s teeth checked regularly, you can be aware of any health problem cropping up in the dental region. The early you identify the problem, the easier it becomes to solve it.

In simple words, there are very simple yet handy things that you can implement to ensure a proper dental care for your loved dog. Dental care is of utmost significance for your dog.

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  1. Thanks for the info! Glad I stopped by!

  2. Aca Baranton says:

    Very informative post! Lots of pet owners do not understand the importance of the oral health of their pets and quite a few use human toothpaste on them, which dogs do not like.

    You are right, consultation with the vet is very important regarding the best toothpaste, brush and chew bones for the dogs.

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