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When you talk of happiness, you often think of moving out with friends, listening to music, reading a good book, enjoying a good meal and spending a day on the seashores. But, such things bring happiness only for a temporary period of time. True happiness, however, lies in attaining satisfaction from life. If you are contented with your job and your living status, you are happy. Truly happy people depict top 6 common habits as stated below.


Happy people make an effort to be happy

Happy people use every second of their lives to create happiness. They do not waste even a moment to wait for happiness to come. Although jolly people are not the wealthiest, the luckiest or best looking, but they are the ones who try things which make them happy. If you want a reason to smile, you need to find out ways. Do not try to let other people down and be miserable. Happy people just focus on themselves and keep improving in life.

They are confident, fun-loving individuals

Those who are happy, they do everything to surround themselves with the right set of positive people. Hence, they are confident and are in a jolly mood. Since happiness is regarded contagious, happy people are surrounded by happy people in order to stimulate creativity and be confident. They want positive people to join their party and to improve their mood. Such people avoid hanging around with negative beings.


Having close relationships

People who are happy tend to have more comrades. They build close relationships very easily and know that having a few good people around them and building close relationship with them will create more happiness. After they earn closeness, they make the best use of it.

They live in the moment

Life is short and who knows how long one lives. Happy people know this very well and hence they do not leave any stones unturned when it comes to being happy. Apart from this, one cannot think of attaining full potential till the life is led to the present. They do not stick to the past as no feeling of guilt can change the past. Such individuals are not anxious about the future. Happy people live in the present and do not stay anywhere else. It is important for everyone to accept the past and be prepared for an uncertain future.


They love themselves

People have the tendency to marvel at the qualities and good deeds of others, but they forget to appreciate themselves. But, this is not the case with happy individuals who consider themselves the priority. They accept their individuality and appreciate the strengths displayed when times are tough. We can say that happy people are more involved with themselves.

A growth mindset

Since there is no sticking to the past or wondering about the future, we can say that happy people have productive and creative minds. Besides, they do not have a rigid or fixed mindset, but a flexible and fertile one.

The ones, who are happy, exercise well, sleep well and eat well. Being happy implies being content with what you are.

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  1. Yeah It okay to worry about the future and but living int he moment not lot of people good at doing …

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