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Life is all about ups and downs. Some phases of life are filled with happiness, while in some we have to face difficulties, failure, responsibilities and much more.

Sometimes, during the difficult times, we just start feeling low, unhappy and uncomfortable without even knowing why. It might be because of depression.

For some people, the signs of depression are so strong that one can easily make out that something isn’t right, but, for others identifying depression may not be that easy.

Here are some of the prominent signs of depression, which can help you identify a depressed person and help him/her come out of it.


Feeling Of Unhappiness, Sadness Or Emptiness

Though the feelings of hopelessness are common amongst the individuals suffering from clinical depression, but sometimes, this hopelessness becomes visible in the form of constant sadness, emptiness or unhappiness.

People experiencing dissatisfaction from a failure may also be the depressed ones if they have developed a belief that nothing can get better now.

Loss of Interest in Day to Day Activities

Due to clinical depression, most people stop participating in the normal day to day activities and lose the sense of pleasure. They often stop having sex, going to the gym or exercising.

Though these signs may not be due to depression, but, if you notice someone with these symptoms, you must ask them if all is well.

Decreased Energy and Fatigue

Due to the depression, most people start experiencing constant fatigue and tiredness.

If you have been experiencing a lot of fatigue off lately irrespective of any proper reason behind it, then you must meet your physician and get yourself examined.

Any unexplained decrease in energy to such a level that even doing the small chores seem very difficult is not normal.


Change in Appetite

People either lose weight or gain it when they are suffering from clinical depression, due to the change in their diet and appetite. Some people eat a lot when depressed, and consequently gain weight. On the flip side, some people lose their appetite and eat very less.

In either case, the change is worth consideration and investigation.

Sleep Disturbances

Just like the change in appetite, people while suffering from clinical depression often experience sleep disturbances as well. They either start sleeping a lot or start facing trouble sleeping. As a result, they may be awake for a large part of the night.


So, if any of your near or dear one has changed his/her pattern of sleep, and is sleeping more than normal or less than the required, it’s vital to find out that what’s wrong.

Irritability or Restlessness

If someone is always restless or gets irritated without a particular reason, there are high chances that the person is suffering from clinical depression.

Symptoms like hand-wringing, excessive worrying, over-thinking, and an inability to sit still for some time might be the major signs of depression.

If you know someone with one or more of the aforementioned signs of depression, you must try to find out that what’s bothering them and help them recover.

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