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When the seasons change from summer to winter, we tend to spend more of time indoors and thus the air quality gets poor. Whether it is a metro city or even tier two cities, air pollution is the serious issue almost everywhere. It is disheartening to note that the air quality index has also touched alarming levels. If you wish to avoid health problems and lung issues, you may choose indoor plants to dramatically improve the air quality above the expensive air purifiers. It is more eco-friendly and cheaper to choose plants. Nature has created several plants that can eliminate toxins effectively and eliminate allergens and dust from the air. Let us check out the names of top 6 plants to improve the air quality.

The very refreshing spider plant

Even if the light is dim, the spider plant may carry out photosynthesis efficiently in order to release fresh air. Being the best air purifier, the spider plant can absorb the nicotine content from the air and can also decompose benzene and other carcinogens. The spider plant may be used in both offices and homes for purifying the air.


Lavender to reduce stress and anxiety

Belonging to the family of mint, Lavender is the genus of flowering plants which is used as an essential oil.  The smell of lavender is wonderful and it can fabulously purify the air. You can use the lavender plant indoors to eliminate stress, anxiety, and tension. Lavender can have a calming effect on you as it lowers the heart rate, betters the sleep and relaxes you.


Rosemary improves memory

Rosemary is the plant which is again the member of the mint family. It is excellently rejuvenating and refreshing plant which can purify the indoor air. The plant is native to the Mediterranean region and is a perennial herb. Not only can it improve the air quality, but also the memory.


Aloe Vera to clean up the air

Plenty of households incorporates aloe vera to purify the air. It may be kept in the kitchen window just to cool up the cooking burn. Aloe vera may effectively eliminate the formaldehyde from the air. The succulent plant species, aloe vera, is also used in making herbal medicines. To improve the overall quality of the air, you can use aloe vera in your household.


Money plant: the fabulous air purifier

Money plant is being used since the age-old times to purify indoor air. It may amazingly reduce the radiation produced from the electronic gadgets such as a smartphone, wifi router, and laptop or any other device. It absorbs EM radiation and can offer electromagnetic shielding. The plant is also pretty easy to care for.


Rubber plant: the multifunctional air cleaner

Rubber plant is again the best way to purify your indoor air. This plant eliminates bio-effluents, provides moisture and helps in suppressing the airborne microorganisms. The special bacteria in the leaves can eat up the microorganisms. This plant attracts air granules to purify the air.


You may choose any 2 plants to effectively purify the indoor air. Apart from the above 6 plants, you can use Chrysanthemum, snake plants, peace lilies, Tulsi, bamboo palms to purify the air.

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  1. Kate says:

    Excellent natural way to purify your indoor air. People are talking about increased level of air pollution and modern products to combat the situation. But the best way is to reduce using fossil fuels, reducing carbon foot print and finally planting more trees and specially plants around you. Nothing is better than having some good indoor plants in your home. Thanks for sharing the easy to maintain indoor plants with the communities.

  2. Jassica Alba says:

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  3. Cold Factor says:

    How much sun does a rubber plant need?

  4. money plant says:

    nice post.

    Money Plant Play a very important role in bringing a lot of energy in bringing a lot of positive energies in your house

  5. I love Spider plants, they are the only indoor one that I can seem to grow, maybe its because it doesn’t need alot of looking after, I forget to water them 🙁

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