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May 4, 2017
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It’s often been said that  ‘change is the only constant’. Trust me, it’s not at all a ‘cliché’ & the earlier we accept this fact, life becomes easier & better.
We have all observed that a little change can sometimes introduce positivity to life. For instance, to break the monotony, one changes one’s dress style, hairstyle, food habits, working style & many a time may try a change in the type of people one hangs out with too. All these changes introduce joyful moments into one’s  life.




Just the way software need upgrades from time to time, lifestyle too needs a change.
We all tend to get chained to circumstances & at times get trapped into difficult situations that we are unable to extricate ourselves from.
Emotions such as love, hate, jealousy & envy all bind us so that we become victims of these sentiments &  our life starts revolving around this type of a “victimized” lifestyle. When Negativity surrounds us at that point we must start looking for a change in our life & change is the only way out.
 A few points that we should accept, embrace and adopt are: 
• life always has its highs and lows & can not run at the same pace all the time.
• nothing is permanent, was permanent or will be permanent.
• no one else can make you happy or sad & it’s your dependency on the other person which makes you feel that way.
• each negative phase brings out the positive phases of life. You just have to let it drift by like a passing phase.
• there is no one as important as your family as they are the ones who would always wish the best for you.
• fears are your challenges which you have to cross & overcome to grow in life.
• a positive self-talk at the end of a day can help you analyze mistakes & identify what needs to be changed and what can remain.
• doing all that you love the most is key to happiness and to leading a healthy lifestyle. 
• explore new places, new cuisines, new people & also try to connect with people of different age groups so that you can imbibe & learn from the people at different stages in life.
• do something creative and innovative which keeps you busy in a refreshed manner.
• love yourself, your appearance, your body as well as your attitude more than anyone else. Always look your best and feel confident. 




Time never stops for anyone each & everything is replaceable.Nothing can bind you, get rid of those handcuffs and mental blocks. Accept the fact that you have to move on with the flow of life. 
It has been very nicely put ‘waqt rukta nai kisi ke liye… iski aadat bhi toh aadmi si hai’.
You just have to wake up each morning with the attitude of ‘bring it on’ no matter what life has in store.
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Nishtha Sharma
Nishtha Sharma
French linguist, Asst.Professor, Author (series of French books),Traveler.


  1. Anju says:

    Very nice Nishtha..You have written about changes n positivity….its true…..i also strongly believe in this……God bless you n keep on writing like this.

  2. Neha says:

    What you reflect in your personality comes through your pen as well Nishtha!! Truely positive. Proud of you!

  3. Despite any setbacks in life, we must remember that one incident or one failure can’t describe our potential. If we experience one failure we must learn from it rather than get depressed. Change is the universal rule of life and we must embrace it!

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