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Cleaning wooden furniture or wooden floor has never been easy. If one fails to look after the furniture or mishandles it, the furniture will become shabby in no time. Only by being careful, you can avoid problems and rectify the issue in a timely manner.

Regular dusting is important 

You may dust the furniture regularly to maintain it. Dust and other foreign objects that can scratch the furniture surface will not settle. Dust particles can take away the gloss and the sheen of the furniture. Dusting the wood should be done carefully and on a regular basis. Do not try to slide any object since that will again scratch the surface. Use a fine cloth soaked in warm and mild soap flake solution to get rid of the sticky mass from the surface.


Keep the wooden furniture away from water 

You should try your best to avoid spilling water over the surface of the wood. Water and other liquids should not fall on the surface at any cost. It becomes even more necessary to prevent water spills once the wooden furniture seems worn out. Water will seep through the wooden texture once the polish is not there.

Keeping away from the sunlight 

Direct rays of the sun can severely damage the furniture. The wooden texture may get weakened once the furniture is exposed to the harmful rays of the sun. If you have to keep under the sun, you should cover it properly by using any table cloth.

Avoid too much polishing 

In a year, you can polish your wooden furniture only 2-3 times and not more. Even when the furniture is polished, make sure that you do not use too much paint or polish. Any excessive use of the polish will lead to the development of film over the surface.


Prevent those nasty rings from appearing 

The best way to safeguard your wooden furniture is by protecting it. Instead of glasses and tableware, you may use the mats and coasters. This will prevent the appearance of nasty rings over the surface and also restrict the heat burns. Dust the surface regularly with the soft cloth. For this, you can use a damp duster. Apply the water mist spray to the cloth or duster. Do not over-wet the cloth as that can deteriorate the polishing. However, to revive the sheen, you can use a furniture polish from time to time. The damp cloth can remove finger marks and grease from the surface of the furniture.

Apply the soft paste of wood wax 

One can use the wax polish to keep the shine and luster intact. After the cleaning is done, you may use soft paste wax to protect the finish of the surface. Check the label for instructions and do accordingly. Apply the thin coat and then wait for a few minutes. Buff gently with the brush to see beautiful shine returning to the surface of the wooden furniture.


Keep away from heating units 

Just like you keep the furniture away from the sun, keep it away from the heating units, vents. They can cause drying or chipping of the wood.

Although there are many options in furnishing materials, wood is the most popular choice. It can help create stylish interiors. If you own wooden furniture, know about the maintenance tips.

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  1. Diana says:

    Taking care of wooden furniture is important to secure the durability. Wooden furniture needs regular and proper care to maintain its beauty. These are the best ways to maintain furniture. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for the help. Those ring thing are my main problem with my table.

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  4. Thanks for posting such a great post. Love to read it

  5. Karl Fine says:

    Furniture needs proper care to last for many years. We should avoid water, strong chemicals to maintain the glossiness of the wood.

  6. lars says:

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