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Do you hate rushing at the last moment when the work is not done before the deadline? Students blindly memorize the learning material just a night before the examination. Whether you are an entrepreneur or a student, you need to learn how to manage time. By following the tips to time management, you can improve your productivity, stay balanced in the work.

Have a calendar and make use of it

Whether it is your office desk or your study table, have a calendar by your side. The key dates or important dates must be clearly marked out. So, this way, you can keep a track of important dates, coursework deadline and your examination dates. Things like social commitments and sports events must also be marked out if you are participating. Do not jumble up your schedule, but follow the calendar closely. Follow it diligently and make timely submissions. You can also use the calendar app on your phone to mark out important dates.


Advance planning is important

If any important day is soon to approach, you should plan things in advance. Prioritize the tasks that are important and try to plan ahead. If you have an approaching examination, plan your study time and prepare a schedule. Devote time to each topic and plan each day for each chapter. To meet the project deadline, plan things backward from the date to find how much time you need.

Avoid distractions when working or studying

We, humans, have the tendency to always complain that we do not have time at our disposal. Instead of complaining, you must get down to serious work. When you sit at your desk, start the serious work within 5 minutes. Shut down all means of distractions like television or music player. If you waste time in starting the work, it will prove costly for you. The ones who value time, they are valued by other people.


Indulge in more of thoughts

It is seen that those who spend most of their time thinking about the activities relating to the assignment or any work, they get better results. Engaging in conversations and activities reap better results. In case, if the work needs to be done very seriously and within the time, you may put the tag of ‘Do Not Disturb’.

Make the best use of downtime

Waiting for someone to arrive? Well, that is the time which can also be used in a productive manner. Instead of playing CandyCrush, you can use the time by indulging in some productive work. If there is some ‘to-do-list’ in your phone, you may review the deadlines and the tasks at hand. Organize the calendar, proofread the work or do any kind of revision as required.


Stay as flexible as you can

Not everyone can do things as per the plan. The ad-hoc social event, birthday celebration, a family event may come in between to throw off your schedule or disrupt your schedule. The more spontaneous and flexible you are, the better it will be.

If you complete any demanding work successfully, you should reward yourself. Indeed, the reward may be fixed up before undertaking the task itself.

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