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May 21, 2017
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Today, it is easier to become your own boss than it was earlier. You may get the business going much efficiently and cheaply. Business activities that were cost intensive and labor intensive,  may be now done effortlessly and in an inexpensive manner with the help of technology. There is no need to rent the fax machine, copier or scanner anymore. So, we can say that the barriers are much lower and anyone can run a business. But, if you are looking to start a business, you need to know 5 things.

You need to invest upfront 

Although startup infrastructure is cheap, you still need to consider the brand implication. There is a need to pay for a website, the logo and some bit of professional and legal fees. Thus, the cost may tend to add up. Even a startup business needs to show a professional and enduring image and cannot just depend on free-of-cost websites. Some amount of money needs to be kept aside for carrying out startup expenses.


It takes nearly 3-5 years to establish a business 

Patience is the key to running a successful business. It takes time to brand the business and spread the message across to the potential customers. Hard work and a lot of patience are needed to build a solid reputation. Try and generate business which is beyond the immediate circle. A lot many things need to be done like blogging, email newsletter, traditional PR and social media.

Be prepared to advertise and sell your business 

There are some entrepreneurs who just believe in doing work but do not understand the power of advertising and selling. It is better not to do business if you are not prepared to sell. As the clients come and clients go, it is important to develop new prospects. There has to be a balance between selling and doing business. You cannot be too extrovert or introvert in selling. Indeed, a line may be drawn between them to run the business successfully.


Continuously evolve your business 

Businesses tend to change with the passage of time. It may happen that what you planned to achieve is not actually what you get. Businesses keep on evolving and every good entrepreneur sees uncertainty as a new opportunity. Being open to evolutions implies being prepared for various risks. Don’t hesitate from taking business risks to succeed, but, always be ready with a backup plan. If you are always defensive and like to stay on the safe side, it will be very hard to attain success.


Be prepared to perform multiple business functions 

When it is the beginning of the business, entrepreneurs have to do little things of everything. The important ones must hold your attention even if you do not like each and every function. If you do not prefer to dabble in finances, marketing and sales, it is not right for you to be an entrepreneur. Do not spend too much time on forsaking, delivery, etc.

If you have a passion for doing business, you must follow the above 5 pieces of advice. With a bit of effort, your business will get launched in no time.

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