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The ability to set goals successfully and make plans to achieve those goals is one of the essential skills for success. In fact, being a good goal setter will be one of the cardinal factors that contribute to the success of a person.

Clear and realistic goals help a person to achieve much more, but, setting goals is not as easy as most of us think it is. The problem with most of the people trying to become successful is that they either don’t set their goals wisely and sometimes the goals are not realistic to be achieved easily.

Here are some tips and tricks to set goals easily and realistically:

Write and Review Your Goals

One of the most common problems with many people is that they only met their goals in their mind, and never jot them down on paper. While it may not seem so, but, it makes a whole lot of a difference. The written goals always drive you more towards success than the goals which are set only in the mind.

As per a survey, less than 3% of people set their goals in writing, and only 1% review their goals regularly. One of the best strategies to succeed is to write down your goals and review them from time to time.

Define Your Goals For More Clarity

A real goal is very specific, time-bound, measurable and is in writing. Once you decide the goal, the first thing you must do defines the goal clearly, and exactly the way you want to accomplish it.  The more specifically and concretely you write your goals, the better it will be for you.


Plan of Action  

Don’t just jot down your goal, but, also clearly write a plan of action or it, and schedule it on your calendar. A goal is clearly defined by the tasks which you have to perform for accomplishing your goal.

If your goal is comprised of a lot of steps, write down the detailed list of everything which you are required to do in order to achieve the goal.

Break Down your Goal

Break down your entire goal into sub-goals, and start achieving them one by one. It will help you in multiple ways. First of all, as soon as you start achieving the parts of your goal, you start feeling motivated and driven to achieve the next part. Also, the more you achieve, the lesser far you are from achieving your primary goal.

Also, by breaking down, you would be able to clearly comprehend that what yo want to achieve and how can you do that.


While writing down your goals, also mention in writing that “You Will Never Give Up”.  Th more you will see it written, the more motivated you will stay.

Never consider the possibility of failure at any stage, and if you experience any defeat, see it as just a momentary part of the overall learning, of how to succeed. Just know that as long as you refuse to accept the defeat, and quit, eventually you will be successful.

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