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As the summer heat becomes unbearable, one might just want to survive on chilling fluids. But, not all fluids hydrate us, and many of them are not good for health. And, one of the reasons to indulge in lots of hydrating fluids is that it’s very important to keep yourself hydrated in summers, else, you might get dehydrated.


Dehydration puts you at the risk of heat rash, heat cramps, heat exhaustion and heat stroke. That’s why health experts suggest drinking 3 – 3.5 liters of water every day. However, sometimes, we don’t want to drink the plain boring water, or the water that we drink is, sometimes, not enough to keep us hydrated. F you are also struggling with staying hydrated in summers, here are some sure-fire ways which you can adopt to beat the summer heat.

  • Drink before You Fee the Thirst

It is important to drink the fluids, especially water, even before you start feeling thirsty. Our body uses thirst as an indication that we might be approaching dehydration. So, instead of drinking water or other fluids to quench the thirst, it is always healthier to replenish the fluids continuously, even when you are not feeling thirsty at all.

The best way to do so is by drinking a glass of water, coconut water, or unsweetened lime water, every hour. You can also set an hourly reminder, to ensure that you don’t forget to drink water.

  • Use Natural Flavorings in Water

If plain water doesn’t seem good to drink, you can also opt for flavored water. You can prepare fruit infused water, which is not only tasteful but also very healthy.

For instance, the strawberry or kiwi infused water will not only help you stay hydrated but, will also burn some extra calories in your body. Some infused waters also enable detoxification of the body.


  • Stay Away From Sugary Drinks

If you feel like having a can of cola every time you feel thirsty, then, you aren’t hydrating yourself at all. Instead, you are damaging your health and many organs. Sugary drinks not only make us gulp a lot of calories but also affect our bones, blood sugar levels, heart health and much more.

Instead, look for alternatives like natural unsweetened coconut water, buttermilk, lime water etc.

  • Eat Your Water

Yes, you heard it right. You can eat water too!!!

There are many fruits and vegetables, which are packed with hydrating fluids, and you can make them an integral part of your diet during summers to stay hydrated. Some of the best watery fruits and vegetables include watermelon, cucumbers, oranges, grapefruits, musk melon, lettuce, cauliflower, celery, zucchini, apples etc.

  • Have Cold Fluids

Instead of drinking water, which has been freshly dispensed by the aqua guard or your water filter, try to cool it down a bit. During the summers, we tend to drink more water if it is cold. So, pack your refrigerator with water bottles, and drink the cold water or cold fluids in the summer.

You will drink more, would feel more satisfied, and not feel the urge to drink sugary colas and drinks.

  • Have Yogurt

Yogurt is rich in good bacteria which not only aid digestion but, also cool us own during the summers. Yogurt keeps us hydrated during the summers, boosts immunity and supports bone health. The best part is that you can make some buttermilk (Lassi) with the yogurt, and have it to stay hydrated.

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