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June 15, 2017
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Water is one of the most underlying resources that we need for our survival. There can’t be any life without water. Despite knowing this fact, we have exploited this natural resource to such a level that controlling water pollution has become almost impossible.


Water pollution is constantly increasing and is a threat to our lives as it can impact our health in multiple ways. Water pollution is, directly and indirectly, affecting our health, and the dearth of clean water has become one of the primary concerns in the world today.

Here are the 8 vital facts which you should know about the water pollution.

  • Industrial Waste Is Dumped Into Water Bodies

Over 70% of the industrial waste is dumped into the water bodies of the usable water. The industrial waste possesses a lot of chemicals and pollutants which badly affect the quality of water and contaminate it.

  • 40% Of Lakes in America Are Polluted

Approximately 40% lakes in the USA are too polluted that you cannot swim in these lakes or indulge in fishing here. These lakes are not even capable of supporting aquatic life.

  • 70% Lakes and Rivers in China are Contaminated

As per the government reports, about 70% of the lakes, rivers and water bodies in China are polluted. Half of these contain water, which is completely unfit for human consumption, and some water is not even fit for human contact.

  • Contaminated Water Causes Death In Children

15 million children under the age of 5 die each year globally due to the diseases caused by the contaminated drinking water.

  • 85% of Ground Water In Bangladesh is Contaminated

Bangladesh is one of the countries in the world where most of the ground water is contaminated. The Bangladesh’s water is contaminated with arsenic, which is highly poisonous and is a carcinogen. It makes the water highly toxic, and most of the population of Bangladesh is exposed to polluted water.

  • Water Pollution Causes Various Diseases

Water pollution is the root cause of many ailments. When we drink contaminated or polluted water, it damages our organs and causes a lot of diseases. The diseases like cholera and typhoid are caused by the polluted water.


  • Domestic Sewage Causes Water Pollution

About 80% of the water pollution is caused because we throw domestic sewage in the water bodies and on the open grounds.

  • By 2025, Water Solutions Will Become Prominent

By 2025, approx. 3.5 billion people worldwide will face issues like water shortage. The cardinal reason behind the water shortage would be water pollution, as more and more water bodies are getting contaminated on day to day basis.

Water pollution is rising, and one of the best ways to tackle this problem is by ensuring that we don’t dispose of the waste in the water bodies. We must indulge in smart waste treatment methodologies, and use recycling to decrease the amount of waste produced globally. Also, industries and companies must be strictly prohibited from disposing of chemical based waste in the water bodies.

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