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Raising a child is not a simple task. A lot of responsibility lies on your shoulder. Remember, that you are raising someone’s future sibling, future best friend, and future spouses and so on. In short, raising a child is certainly not a mean feat. Since childhood, you need to install the right set of habits in them. Psychologists claim that children are like a lump of wax, you can mold them into any form you desire. While there are many things that need to be inculcated in them right from the beginning, here are 6 healthy habits which you must teach your child from an early age.

Eat Healthy Food

Statistics show that majority of children in the world suffer from lifestyle ailments like obesity and diabetes. This is mainly triggered due to consumption of unhealthy food and indulging in junk food. Since childhood, you need to ensure that they stay away from all kinds of unhealthy and processed food. Try and ensure that they follow a healthy eating pattern. The trick of doing so is by introducing them to all kinds of vegetables right from the infant stage. Also, do not make the mistake of pureeing the food as the kids do not recognize the texture of the vegetable later and refuse to eat the same.


Reading Books

We all would agree to the fact that reading books open up an unknown an unexplored world to all of us. As kids, it is important that they read a wide variety of books. This helps to broaden their imagination and also helps them discover a world of new possibilities. This is one habit that needs to be taught to the kids from the start. Set a defined reading time, so that the kids know this is when they have to read.

Sleep Schedule

As new parents, the one thing that most couples complain about is a lack of sleep. Unless you are blessed, your child will prefer to stay awake at night, in fact, all night long. It is important to put them into the habit of sleeping on time. The sooner you do so, the better it will be for you. This way, once the child starts school you will not have to worry about putting them to bed early. The best way to ensure that your child goes to sleep early is by going to sleep with them yourself. Your child is less likely to stay awake once you have fallen asleep.


Participate In Household Chores

It is important to inculcate the habit of participating in household chores among children. This will teach them to be independent and also make them feel important. Choose chores as per their age like start with sorting chores and so on.

Brush Twice  A Day

Kids love to indulge in sweet treats like chocolates and ice creams. Thus, it’s vital that they brush their teeth at least twice a day. This will help to protect their teeth and will also become a lifelong habit.


Wash Hand Before Eating

It is important to be hygienic. As parents, another important habit that we need to teach them from a young age is the importance of washing hands before each meal. This will ensure that their hands are free of germs and bacteria when they eat.

These are 6 healthy habits which you must teach your child.

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