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We often use anti-bacterial cleaning agents and try to clean every nook and corner of the house, especially, when there are small kids at home to ensure that they do not become ill because of dirty corners. While we all want to keep our home as hygienic as possible, and thus, indulge in cleaning it every day, but, do you know, even after all these efforts, there are some spots in our home, which we often miss and bacteria can grow in such spots very fast.

With the availability of the right nutrients and in the ideal temperature, these bacteria can divide every 20 minutes. Though, all of these bacteria are not harmful, but, some of them can cause serious diseases.

Here are the top spots in our home where many bacteria reside and keep on multiplying.

  • Kitchen Sponges

Sponges and dish towels in our kitchen are the best hideouts of bacteria. These hold a lot of moisture, and we use them for a wide array of tasks in the kitchen.

To clean your sponges, you can either dry them in the sun after every use, or put them in the microwave for 30- 40 seconds so that they get completely dry, and all the microorganisms on them get killed. Also, don’t forget to change them every few days, like one or twice a month.

  • Door and Cabinet Knobs

The door and cabinet knobs are the places which get frequently touched by us. Also, these are the places where most of the germs and bacteria accumulate.

If we don’t clean them with strong cleaners capable of destroying the bacteria, the contact with the knobs can sometimes cause infections. Use disinfecting liquids or wipes, and clean all the knobs in the home at least once or twice a week.


  • Clean But Wet Laundry

The clean yet wet laundry when left unattended in the machine or buckets, even for a short amount of time, becomes a fertile crescent for bacteria and disease causing germs.

Once washed, transfer the clean clothes to the dryer immediately, and if they sit for over 30 minutes after washing, it’s better to run them through the wash cycle again. Also, don’t forget to clean your washer drum with disinfecting wipes every time before and after using it.


  • Office Desk

On an average, your office desk may have 300 times more bacteria than the toilet seat. The reason is obvious, the toilet seats get washed regularly with disinfecting liquid solutions.

So, make it a habit, to carry disinfecting wipes with you to your office and clean your desk twice a week. Lift everything and clean under them, like your laptop spot, your pen stand and everything else present on your desk.


  • Electronics

Our computers, laptops, iPads, mobile phones, tablets, etc. all are the best breeding spots for bacteria as no one cleans them every often. Moreover, many of us have the habit of carrying our mobile phone into the toilet where it catches more germs.

Again, you need disinfecting wipes to clean your electronic gadgets. It’s best if you do it daily, but, if it isn’t possible. At least do it on every alternate day.

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