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What if I tell you that the way most of us take a shower is not right?

We all make some common mistakes while bathing which we must correct immediately?

Well, yes, there are a few things which we aren’t done correctly, and these may impact our skin badly.

Here are the common mistakes we make while taking a shower, and how they affect our skin.

Using Very Hot Water 

The ideal temperature of the water with which we take a bath is 35o C, but, most of us use hot water for a bath. Some even use water, hot up to 60o C.

Hot water not only rips off the natural oils from our skin and make it dry, but, also makes the skin flaky. The overly hot water washes away the essential skin, fat while increasing the blood flow. This often leads to rashes, inflammations, and erythema.


Using Chemicals Based Harsh Skin Cleansers

The chemicals based skin cleansers and body wash badly affect our skin’s health. The chemicals present in these cleansers quickly seeps inside the skin, and get mixed with our blood stream, through which they travel to the entire body and all the organs.

Use glycerine based body washes with minimal chemicals, and if possible, use an organic range of skin cleansers to ensure that the chemicals don’t negatively impact our skin and overall health.

Bathing For Longer Time

An ideal bath should not take more than 7  – 9 minutes. If you have been taking longer than this for washing or bathing, it may dry up the skin too much.

This may result in rashes and itching.


Using Wet or Old Bath Sponges

Anything that stays wet for too long becomes a breeding ground for the bacteria. The wet loofahs and bath sponges provide an ideal environment for mold and bacteria to grow.

When you use them for bathing, those bacteria get transferred to your skin and can cause skin infections. They may also become the source of many other ailments.

Put your loofah for drying as soon as you complete your bath.


Over Rubbing Of The Body For Drying 

Don’t use a rough towel for drying your body. Also, don’t rub it too enthusiastically.

Instead, use a soft towel and gently rub it on the body. Leave the body a bit moist, so that, when you apply a moisturizer it gets absorbed better in the skin.  This way, your skin will remain healthy and smooth.

Apart from these common mistakes, one of the most common things we do is the use of foamy gels for bathing. The more lather the gel produces, the more superficially active substances it is comprised of. These substances deplete the skin of its natural protective layer, leading to skin roughness and dryness.

Avoid making the aforementioned mistakes while bathing to ensure that your skin stays smooth, glowing and free from the premature signs of aging.

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  1. Mike Wright says:

    these are some really good facts, thanks for sharing 🙂

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