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The last thing that you want to appear on your face is acne, not just because it doesn’t look good, but, also, because the pimples keep on appearing one after the other and leave their marks on the face.


It would be easier to get rid of pimples and acne if we know which factors are triggering the growth of acne on our face, or body. Some of the common reasons behind acne are hormonal changes during teenage or menopause, oily skin, too much oily or fried food and use of unsuitable skin products, but, there are some other reasons as well which can cause acne.

Here are the top 7 hidden causes of pimples and acne that we often ignore.

Digestive System Problems

Sometimes a poor digestive system is a prime reason behind acne. If you have been experiencing both acne and indigestion for quite some time, then you need to find out ways to cure indigestion instead of searching the anti-acne skin products.

Fungal Infection

If you regularly go to a gym, sauna or swimming pool,  and are getting acne on your face or body, then you might have caught some fungal infection which inflames and results in acne. You might have to visit a skin specialist or a dermatologist to get rid of these pimples.

Antibiotics or Allergy To Some Specific Medications 

It’s common for people on medication to experience acne. Sometimes, pimples are triggered due to the consumption of some specific types of medications or antibiotics. If you get acne every time you eat antibiotics, you can consult your doctor to give you some medication along with the antibiotics to ensure that they don’t cause pimples.

Also, when on medication, drink enough water to avoid the occurrence of acne.


Synthetic or Tight Clothes

The pimples on your back, neck or legs might occur due to synthetic or very tight clothes. The sweat keeps on accumulating in synthetic or tight clothes, resulting in acne.

If you are getting acne in these areas, avoid wearing tight clothes and switch to cotton based clothing instead of wearing synthetic fibers.

Cell Phones

The cell phones which we use are a cesspool of bacteria and dirt, and there’s a high chance that the use of the cell phone can trigger the breakouts around your mouth or on your chin.

Use Clorox or alcohol based wipes to clean your gadgets including cell phones and tablets on a regular basis.

Makeup Products

Many times the pimples on the scalp, hairline, neck, and face are the result of the cosmetic products, lotions, and topical creams, which we use on our face and head. Many cosmetic products contain mineral oil, which can clog up the pores and cause acne.


If you use makeup and cosmetic products daily, ensure that you remove the makeup completely before sleeping at night and switch to the brands which are labeled as non-comedogenic. These are oil free products and they don’t strip the skin off the necessary nutrients and moisture.

Makeup Brushes

Yes, sometimes the prime reason behind acne is not the makeup or cosmetics, but the brushes which we use to apply it. The makeup brushes keep on accumulating the yeast and bacteria, they can cause acne.

Clean your makeup brushes with soap and water once a week, and ensure that they are completely dry before you put them back in your makeup kit.

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  1. Saeed says:


    Thanks for Wonderful article, I didn’t know before that cellphone can cause acne too 😮

  2. Zoe Campos says:

    I never realized that wearing very tight clothes can lead to acne breakouts. Recently, I’ve been wearing a lot of turtle necks and I have no idea that they’re the reason behind the acne I have at random parts of my skin. It might be a good idea to look online and see if I can find vegan acne pads that I can use for treatment.

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