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We all like to flaunt nail polish. In fact, the latest craze amongst fashionistas is to flaunt nail art and gel paints.  Nail polish or paint has become an integral part of our grooming session. Little do we realize the amount of harm we are doing to ourselves by applying them? Here are 8 ways your nail polish affects your health

Ill Effects Of Toluene

If you read through the composition of a nail polish, you will see that it contains a chemical called toluene. This is basically a clear liquid that smells sweet when it comes in contact with the air we breathe. Toluene in small quantities is fine. However, when the nail polish contains high quantity of this chemical it starts to have an adverse effect on our health leading to dry and cracked skin, headache, numbness in the fingers, and irritation in the eye and so on. Those who are working in beauty parlors are exposed to large amount of toluene that may even trigger kidney ailments.

Ill Effects Of Phthalates

This is a kind of liquid with oil lie texture. This is added in nail paints to keep the nails from cracking and turning brittle. However, being exposed to high level of this liquid is certainly not good for health. It may lead to eye irritation, can interfere with hormone levels and also throat infection. Many countries are also known to ban this ingredient.

Ill Effects Of Formaldehyde

This is used in nail paints to harden the same and also to ensure that it does not rot due to contamination of bacteria’s. Most nail polishes are known to contain 0.2% of this which is safe. However, if yours contain this in high amount then stay away from it. It can lead to various kinds of skin allergies.

Staining The Nails

If you use cheap quality of nail paint, then often you will see that with prolonged use the nail starts to change color and flaunts a pale yellow stain. This is mainly due to the over exposure of various chemicals in nail paints. Hence, choose your nail paint with lots of care.

Excessive Camphor

Many nail paints are known to contain camphor. This is added to nail polishes to lend them the much-desired sheen.  However, a few nail polishes contain them in excess that can cause nausea and headache amongst users.

Butylated Hydroxyanisole

This is a toxin that is present in gel paints due to which regular use of gel nail polishes will end up making your nails dry and brittle.


Acetone Remover

Most removers especially gel nail paint removers are known to contain acetone. These are hazardous to health as it may cause allergy and dermatitis around the area where it applied.

Exposure To Ultraviolet Rays

Many nail paints and nail arts need to be dried under ultraviolet rays to keep them in place. Exposure to ultraviolet rays is not good for the skin as it may trigger skin cancer.

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  1. Oh I didn’t know about this before, thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Woderful post. I always love reading your blogs related to haircuts and hairstyles. But this 1 is very helpful, as most of us are not aware of this fact. Thanks for sharing.

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